Walt Disney Corporation owns the following companies: ESPN, ABC News, and Pixar

Read chapter 7 of the class text, and respond to the following questions: 

1) Walt Disney Corporation owns the following companies: ESPN, ABC News, and Pixar.

Based on the materials in chapter 7, what is the management tool that Walt Disney can use to assess and determine the financial performance of each firm including market growth to assist with its funding decision for these firms? 

2) Which section in the table of contents for the capstone report would require the use of the information in chapter 7 of the class text, based on the stated instructions?  

3) Name and discuss the concept that describes the action of company management when an industry is unattractive and the company too weak to be sold as a going concern giving management the choice to convert as many saleable assets as possible to cash, which is then distributed to the shareholders after all obligations are paid.

4) Respond to Discussion Question # 7-5  under Discussion Questions on page 208 is attached. 

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