Multicultural Children’s Literature

Essay 1

Fox and Short state “[C}children have the right to see themselves within a book, to find within a book the truth of their own experience instead of stereotypes and misrepresentations’ ‘ (as cited in Madsen, 2012).

Find a central essay topic based on the negative impact of GENDER STEREOTYPES and/or GENDER BIAS in children’s literature. Suggested focus of your essay could include the history of multicultural literature’s attempts to counter gender normed stereotypes, the impact of gender biased children’s literature, and how good multicultural children’s literature inspires us to think more critically about equity of gender norms enhancing social justice for all.

A reference APA formatted page is required along with a cover page and a brief abstract page. APA TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 FONT

An Abstract page is required in your 1000 word essay and creates a central focus for a concise view of your thesis focus. Put some passion and persuasive language into this Abstract as you write to answer the question:why is this topic worthy to explore in the first place? Why is literature an important tool to grow a better more empathetic humanity?

REMEMBER You are to have a minimum of two (2) direct quotes (or paraphrased quotes) obtained from EACH article readings found in your EDUC 121 Reader inside your paper for a minimum total of eight (8) APA citations.

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