Economists Genovese and Mayer

Economists Genovese and Mayer found that home sellers seem to have a strong aversion to selling their homes for less than the price they paid for them. The more they paid for the house, the higher the owners set the asking price holding everything else ( eg. the neighbor-hood, size, quality of the house…) constant. To an economist, is this rational? Why or why not?

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Loanable Funds Model with Interest Elastic Savings

Group Memo Assignment 2: Loanable Funds Model with Interest Elastic Savings Assignment Overview – Write a 400 word memo to Congress explaining that their proposal to increase government spending financed….

Prepare 5 open-ended questions you will ask the candidates to assess his/her cultural adaptability

Selection methods for international assignees always include an interview, at a minimum. Put yourself in the role of a company executive who is recruiting for a manager who will be….

Gender and the Global Economy

Read this Research Report: (Links to an external site.) Watch the “Gender and the Global Economy” Lecture Watch this video that explains how the United States Department of Labor researches wages and employment: (Links to….