Cultural Anthropology Midterm

Your midterm consists of five questions, each worth 20 points. They are broad critical thinking questions that ask you to really use your head and justify your responses. I would like for each question response to be at least 250 words long and chock full of as many specific examples you can pack in. DO NOT plagiarize any portion of this test from the book or a website. If you do, you will receive a zero for the test.  If you need to learn more about plagiarism and how not to do it, go to this website:  You will need to conduct outside research for these questions, and I want you to use good, college level sources (no wikipedia) and your textbook to guide you.  For instance, have a look at human rights websites, or the website of the American Anthropological Association. Please ask me for help if you have any questions at all. Please cite your resources at the end of the exam.

1. Can there be any universal human rights? What issues can be raised when trying to assert universal human rights? Who should decide what universal human rights should be, and what about those who disagree with them? What organizations are already trying to address this issue?

2. Give examples of how ethnocentrism functions in a culture.  Do you think that ethnocentrism can ever be a good thing? First, define ethnocentrism.

3. What are some examples of ethical considerations with which an anthropologist must be concerned when conducting fieldwork? Use the American Anthropological Association website to help you here.

4. Imagine you are designing a training course for business people who will be working and securing deals in another country. What are some aspects of culture in general that you may wish to cover? What are some of the cultural differences that can make people uncomfortable when meeting or doing business (this is a general question, and I am looking for general categories here. If you have specific cultural examples, great!)

5. Consider the climate in which you live. What technological adaptations help you to function? Are there any biological features you possess which have helped you to adapt?

Source: Book- Cultural Anthropology By: Serena Nanda & Richard L. Warms 12th Edition