Are serial killers born or made? If society contributes to the problem of serial murder, how can we solve it?

Analyze the issue from different academic disciplines(at least 2 different disciplines: criminal justice, psychology, etc) with the goal of showing how an interdisciplinary approach to the issue can offer potential solutions. The focus of the essay should shift from the analysis of the issue to presenting the issue as a problem to be solved with a synthesis of the approaches of at least two academic disciplines. The research essay should be a fully completed work of 5-7 pages. The thesis should be a synthesis of carefully documented research and critical analysis of this topic. The essay should incorporate the general parts of an academic essay—an introduction and thesis, a body of specific evidence/support/analysis, and a conclusion that emphasizes the answers to questions you may have asked within your research. It should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins, in a 10-12-pitch font. The grading of this essay will be based upon incorporating your research sources seamlessly within your writing, analysis of your topic, and answering the larger questions about “why” we are studying serial killers as heroes as well as “why” the topic is popular? important? significant? worthy of study? definitive of its audience?