6 Tips for Effective Project Communication

Attached Below! Review the 6 Tips for Effective Project Communication and then rank them in order of importance with 1 being the most important and 6 being the least important element overall.  

In your view, which elements are the most important when creating a communication and which are the least (top 2 or 3 and bottom 2 or 3)?

Write a short (100 to 150 words) explanation for why you ranked them in that order of importance.  Make sure that your explanation provides details about why you picked your top choice and why the other choices were not ranked high.  


Attached Below! Review the Communication: The Message is Clear white paper from the Project Management Institute.  Near the end of the paper, you will find three case studies.  Write one paragraph for each of the three case studies.  Provide the following for each:

 Summary of the project

 What was the major challenge in the project?

What was the lesson learned from doing the project?

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