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Foreign Direct Investment In Detail—-China

Choose a country from the Big Emerging Markets list below. The list is obtained from the Market Potential Index (MPI) for Emerging Markets in the globalEDGE website (globaledge.msu.edu).

ChinaIndiaRussiaBrazilIndonesiaMexicoSouth KoreaTurkeySouth AfricaNigeria

You will be doing the IB News Assignment on the same country throughout the semester.

Your assignment is to follow the International Business news about the country you chose. You are to find and briefly summarize and analyze an article that is related to the topic of each chapter we are covering in the unit. Your analysis should reflect a good understanding of the concepts in the chapters up to this point. You are required to use reliable sources (ex: The Economist, Business Week, scholarly articles, etc.; Wikipedia is NOT acceptable) and cite them in the APA style…..

Broadening Prescription Privileges

Several states (e.g., New Mexico, Hawaii) have granted prescription authority for psychologists and others are likely to follow. Nonetheless, the move toward prescription privileges by psychologists remains controversial. This topic is one that you will likely find interesting to discuss with your class, and lends itself quite nicely to a pro vs. con debate format. Integrate into the discussion ways in which prescription privileges might impact the assessment and diagnosis of abnormal behavior. The suggested readings and web links provided below should serve as useful starting points. Please peruse these articles before joining the discussion. And when using info from the article please remember to cite the source. 

Explain logistics tasks involved in one service supply chain, say, involving a hospital or restaurant

Find an example of a product you have recently purchased. Identify the logistics tasks that would have to take place in order for the product to be available for you to have the ability to purchase it.Explain logistics tasks involved in one service supply chain, say, involving a hospital or restaurant. How different are these tasks versus those involved in a manufacturing supply chain?Consider an item you have recently returned. Identify the steps the company would have to go through to return the product back up the supply chain from where you have returned it. What costs do you think would be involved in this process? Is there a way the company can design this reverse logistics process in order to add value and make a profit?

You are to research the following six well-known, contemporary American playwrights

You are to research the following six well-known, contemporary American playwrights (as identified in Chapter 4: “The Playwright”, and for each playwright include (1) the title of the play for which he/she became famous and (2) summarize the theme/message of the play that made him/her famous, and (3) which playwright would you like to study further and why.

· Tony Kushner

· David Henry Hwang

· Susan-Lori Parks

· Neil LaBute

· Theresa Rebeck

· Sarah Ruhl

As with all written assignments this semester, use Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double space.

Identify the pros and cons of driverless vehicles.

Exercise Assignment #7: 

This chapter discusses autonomous vehicles or driverless cars. Identify the pros and cons of driverless vehicles.Identify the realistic uses of driverless vehicles in logistics. How do you think they will be integrated in supply chain management? How do you think driverless vehicles can links to the overall logistics process?Explain the ethical challenges that can arise with driverless vehicles.

The Effects of social institution

For this assignment, select one social institution from the list below:


Next, in an essay of 500-750 words, address the following:

Describe a recent problem between this institution and the family system.Citing three to five scholarly sources, provide a solution to the problem you presented from a mental health perspective.Lastly, summarize the relationship between the family unit and this social institution and explain why this relationship is necessary and can prove to be beneficial for the family unit.

Describe the organization’s environment and evaluate its preparedness for virtualization.

You have read about server virtualization and cloud computing in chapter 6 of your textbook. For your written assignment this week, complete a case study of the organization you work for (use a hypothetical or “other” organization if more applicable) that will address the following prompts:

·  Describe the organization’s environment and evaluate its preparedness for virtualization.

·  Explain Microsoft (or another product) licensing for virtualized environments.

· Recommend a configuration for shared storage; make sure to discuss the need for high availability and redundancy for virtualization for the organization.

· Explain Windows Azure capabilities for virtual machines and managing a hybrid cloud, including Windows Azure’s Internet as a Service (IaaS) and storage capabilities

· Make a recommendation for cloud computer usage in the organization, including a justification for your….