Weaknesses of DIGI Essay

(i) The latest information on new technologies which are seldom or late to reach the end users First weaknesses which had been found are the latest information on new technologies which are seldom or late to reach the end users and sometimes it could be never reaching to. It also one of the major weaknesses whereby the latest information tardy to reach the end users will lead to low customer consciousness towards the DiGi products and services likes the promotion of latest data package which are 200MB just RM2.

00 for one week. It not only decreases the customer’s consumption while in the same way “give away” the potential customer to its competitors indirectly. There has a research shows that a loyal customer of DiGi had complaint that he has used it for five years but the service is declined year by year and consider to subscribe the new promotion from Maxis. Despite the new technologies being appear on the market however many users still did not received the latest from the company.

Thus, information never or late reaches the customer is one of the weaknesses although implement new promotions repeatedly to fight against the rivals. (ii) Lack of base station when compared to competitors

Furthermore, lack of base station as compared to other competitors also one of the weaknesses. This is because DiGi can only broaden its coverage area by sharing the base station with other competitors and this will lead to the restricted area to transfer the information from place to place with a lower speed as compared to competitor and there will be number of issues which will be faced include drop calls, failed to received calls, poor signal reception and also slow Internet speed. Meanwhile, lack of base station also will affect the reception of DiGi line especially the area which is located far from the base station. For example, Maxis has its own base station which located throughout in all the Malaysia and this will make the DiGi slightly inferior when compared with each other. Additionally, this will influence the customer satisfaction and loyalty to be decline against DiGi, simultaneously, the amount of customer to subscribe will be dropped too.

These can be proved through interview section with the DiGi users who have say that DiGi have the worst 3G network among the communication company likes Maxis, U Mobile, Celcom and others. Their poor coverage not only included the rural area, even in many parts of Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city of Malaysia, at the same time the popular places or shopping mall like Pavilion, Mid Valley, KL Sentral does not have DiGi 3G and the list goes on. (iii) Dependency on strategic sharing between mobile producer, application writer and others Next, dependency on strategic sharing between mobile producer, application writer and others also considered as one of its major weaknesses can be found in DiGi. These can be shown that the DiGi product or services cannot be operated independently and it must be complemented with the product or services come from mobile producer and application writer.

They frequently highly depend on the product development through the joint venture with mobile producer, application writers and others to serve customers in a more beneficial way. For instance, the Iphone6 and Iphone6 Plus which are from the Apple brands phone which will be established soon in Malaysia will be cooperated with DiGi and there will be few package promotion of data which in the way to sign the contract. From this can cause them always be part of the mobile producer and cause lack of advancement due to the highly dependency from others. (iv) The system used to upgrade is the slowest among competitors In addition, the weakness of DiGi is the system which used to upgrade a network site is the slowest when compared with other competitors.

The upgrade of the DiGi Company takes approximately 30 days to a new version and in the same times, the users will experience service disruptions. And sometimes the DiGi website will temporarily down or offline without any notifications. Within this period, there will be change of the equipment and these will difficult the users to take some times to adapt to a new gadget which found after upgrade and down of the DiGi website make the Information System cannot be implemented as normal. For examples, Online Customer Services (OCS) is the failure to provide “online services” to users of DiGi and the same time most of the customers unable to access the website for checking or making the payment through the website easily.

(v) Does not have a strong position in the postpaid market and lack of understanding about competitors’ weaknesses Moreover, DiGi does not have a strong position in the postpaid market and its lack of understanding about its major competitors is its weaknesses. It does not have a strong position in the postpaid market when compared which its major competitor which is Maxis. It can be shown by a research that DiGi has only a total of 1.3 million subscribers compared with 2.5million of Maxis, and it is the second smallest market share after Maxis, Celcom and TM Cellular and it also relies very much on its prepaid market share in order to stabilize its financial position. Besides, it seems to be very complacent about its market position and marketing programs although the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is considered a failure in mobile communications due to few various limitations such as DiGi has slow connection and high charges.

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