Vulnerable group Essay

Vulnerable group Essay.

Vulnerable group: The elderly in the community of Royal Oak, Michigan. The older person in the community may face many problems, some of them health related. There is a strong association between age and morbidity and disability from chronic diseases and the community of Royal Oak has proven to be knowledgeable and sensitivity to their senior citizens’ needs. The use of support groups and community services is an effective tool to help promote adjustment to chronic illness. Some of the resources that are available are Meal on wheals, senior home assistance repair programs, City of Royal Oak meal programs, The Michigan Parkinson foundation, The Beaumont Hospital wellness programs for seniors, and the Royal Oak senior community center.

The city of Royal Oak Meals program prepares meals from scratch in the Mahany-Meininger center’s kitchen Mondays to Friday.

This is private-pay and non-subsidized program that charges three dollars per meal. Also provides free bus transportation to Royal Oak citizens. The program is reachable by calling one day prior and making the food reservation, also family members can purchase meal vouchers for five or ten meals at any time and reserve meals planned during the month.

It is very easy to access and the website lets you see in advance the menu. The elderly is at risk for malnutrition and I think is important to have a resource in the community that can help them to get adequate food for low prices. It gives them more independence and autonomy.


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Vulnerable group Essay