Unexpected Events Essay

I opened my eyes and the glare from the window shimmered into my room. I groaned and pulled the covers over my head. ‘Must have left them open last night.’ Inwardly cursing, I got out of bed and made my way into my bathroom. I leaned against the vanity and looked at myself in the mirror. I REALLY didn’t want to go to school today. Being the new kid sucked. Mom just HAD to get a job transfer halfway through the semester.

I have to start all over again; find new friends (can’t be a loner!), learn about my teachers and try to stay out of certain people’s way (the popular kids; seriously they were drama kings and queens). I sighed, knowing I was only wasting time.

I pushed off the counter top and proceeded to get ready for my day in hell, or school as adults affectionately called it. Stepping into the shower, I closed my eyes and let the warm water cascade against my skin.

I instantly relaxed, thinking maybe, just maybe, my new school wouldn’t be so bad after all. Five minutes later, I stepped out of the shower feeling very assured. I got ready and looked at the finished product in the mirror. Black leather jacket, royal blue tank-top, dark was skinny jeans and my (favourite) black calf-high-high-heeled boots. I grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs. Sasha, my older sister, and mom had apparently already left. I found a note taped to the fridge: Alex

I got a call from the office this morning and had to run. I opened the windows this morning so You would wake up. Have a nice day at school honey!

Love, Mom

I crumpled the note and threw it into the garbage. Putting my headphones on, I locked the door and began walking to school. As I approached the school, the song I was listening to stopped and I was left in a dead silence for a few seconds, but that was enough. As I gazed, no stared at the school in front of me, all the self-assurance I had built up this morning vanished, I wasn’t going to make it. I gasped when the next song began playing and turned the volume down. I looked around me; this school was admittedly bigger than the last one I had gone to. I could see the cliques gathering outside, and a few singled out ones making their way to class, the loners. Cheerleaders and jocks were meeting by the (huge) fountain, laughing and talking to each other, the popular kids. (Mental note: STAY AWAY!) Over by the library, I saw a bunch of kids with glasses on some, braces on other and both on a few (the nerds).

On my right, I saw people that were dressed in full black, had piercings and tattoos (the Goths). I turned and made my way to the main office, which took a while because this school is too huge! There I found a middle-aged lady typing at her computer. “Excuse me,” I look at the nameplate, “Miss Molson. I’m Alexandria McCartney, a new student.” She looked up at me from behind her glasses. “Yes, hold on a second,” she replied and began looking in the drawers. “Here’s your schedule and have all your teachers sign this. Bring it back at the end of school. Have a nice day.” “Thanks,” I said and walked out the office. I looked at the schedule and saw I had Math in Room 235. I made my way around the school to try finding it. As I was walking up the stairs I bumped into someone. “Ooof! Omigosh! I’m ssooo sorry. I didn’t see you there because I was texting and here let me help you up!” a much panicked voice said and then a hand appeared in front of my face.

I took it and came face-to-face with a pair of green, fear-filled eyes. “It’s okay,” I assured her but she looked at me skeptically. “Really, I’m fine.” She looked at me unsure for a second but then broke out into a smile. I looked at her; she had strawberry blonde hair and a pale complexion. “Okay, um I’m Daphne. I’m guessing you’re new here because I haven’t seen you around here before, and I know absolutely everyone,” she rambled. “Um, hi Daphne. I’m Alex, yes I am new here, I just moved here,” I said. I then remembered my problem, “Can you help me find my class? I’m kind of lost.” She laughed. “Sure thing, Alex. Schedule?” I nodded and handed it to her. She laughed. “Well would you look at that, we have all our morning classes together,” she said, and then noticed something, “I love your necklace, it’s like vintage.” “Yeah, it is actually.

My grandmother gave it to me before she died. She told me to never take it off. I never want to anyway.” “Cool, you know I always wanted something like that, something you always keep on because it’s like it’s your own thing. Anyway, let’s go to Math class. You may or may not like Ms. Daniels,” she rambled. I laughed as she dragged me to Math class, wherever that was… On our way there, we (I) got weird looks but Daphne didn’t seem to mind and kept pulling me along. She stopped at the end of the hallway in front of an open door, where a girl with dark brown hair and thick white glasses waited. She smiled at us and hugged Daphne. “Hey Kimmie!” she greeted her friend, and then turned to me. “This is my BFF Kim. Kim this is Alex; she’s new here,” she introduced us; I smiled at Kim and said hi. “Hi, nice to meet you Kim,” I said

“Likewise. So you’re new here, huh?” she asked. I nodded. “Where did you move from?” “I just moved here from Florida,” I replied. (Introducing myself repeatedly. Oh joy! -_-) “Really? That’s cool. It explains your tan…” Suddenly the bell (sounded like a boat horn) rang. “Well, welcome to K.M.N.” I nodded and walked into class. My teacher was a tall, dark haired lady. Her age prominent on her face; wrinkles that didn’t look they were going to be hidden anytime soon. She smiled at me, “You must be Alexandria.” “I prefer Alex, Ma’am,” I replied.

“Okay,” she said, then turned to the class, “Class, we have a new student. Her name is Alex,” she gestured to me. “So, why don’t you take a seat next to Ian. He is the kid in the brown jacket and black hair.” She pointed to him and he waved to me. I went over and took my seat next to him. “Hi. I’m Ian Taylors. Nice to meet you,” he said extending his hand. “Welcome to K.M.N.” “Thanks. I’m Alex McCartney,” I replied shaking his hand. I looked at him, he was your average guy; black hair, deep brown eyes, etc. But there was something about him that just took your breath away. I looked into his eyes and I could see hints of sadness swimming in those chocolaty orbs. I decided against asking him what was wrong because I had only known him for twenty seconds. Math was a blur, nothing but numbers, shapes and lines.

I walked out the classroom and found Kim and Daphne waiting for me there. “Hey! So how did you enjoy Math? Pretty boring right?” asked Kim. “Yeah. I can’t believe we have a test on Monday,” I complained. Daphne nodded. “So I see you met Ian Taylors. What were you guys talking about so much? You were, like, talking all period,” she said. “Nothing in particular, just introductions and Math.” “Daphne here has a crush on Mr. Ian. I keep telling her that she’s wasting her time, but she just won’t listen,” Kim explained. She then turned to Daphne, “He doesn’t like you. Get over it before you get hurt. He doesn’t like anyone after what happened to you-know-who.” Daphne sighed, “I know that. But the heart wants what the heart wants. He will come around sooner or later, and when he does I’ll be waiting.” “What happened to you-know-who?” I questioned.

“It’s not our story to tell,” Daphne said. “But we could tell you at lunch,” Kim jumped in, “But you didn’t hear it from us.” Daphne rolled her eyes at Kim. Biology was a blur, but I didn’t like the teacher, Mr. Bree, too much. He had to be the meanest teacher I have ever had. Or maybe he just didn’t like me a lot; he picked me when I didn’t even have my hand up. Luckily, I love biology, mostly because I’m good at it, so I was able to answer his question adequately. Mr. Bree made my favourite subject a bit of a nightmare. (Mainly because he reminded me of Voldemort.) “Don’t worry,” Daphne assured me, “he hates everyone.” “Well, the feeling’s mutual,” I replied.

I hoped History would be better. I walked into the classroom and handed Mr. Smith my sheet for him to sign. “Take a seat next to Katy,” he said. A tanned girl waved to me and smiled. I noticed that Daphne was sitting right behind her. As I took my seat, Katy introduced herself. “Hi! I’m Katy, but people call me Kat, Kit, Kit-Kat, Kitty, Kitty Cat and so on. You can call me anything just let me know,” she rambled. I laughed. “Well I’m Alexandria but everyone calls me Alex.” “It’s nice to meet you Alex. So I hear you’re from Florida, What’s it like there?” she asked. I looked at her dumfounded. “How did you…” I began, but Daphne cut me off.

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