The long term effects of playing football Essay

The long term effects of playing football Essay.

When people think about football they think it’s glitz, glamour, and a life of amazement because you’re doing what you want and you’re getting paid for it. Though that is part of football there are more parts to it that people don’t really think about too much. There are three points of football that come from playing the game and they are the rich, glitzy, famous part. The part that travels to away games and has long practices that keep you away from your family.

Then there is the anguish and stress factor, which is probably the biggest effect.

One obvious positive that comes from playing the game of football is all the perks that come with it. As a kid there are dreams of doing something like this and then it comes true; that alone is amazing. You get paid an incredible amount of money that you really did not need to get an education for.

People know and love personalities that play football and its even better if you are a well-known star. Restaurants invite you in to eat for free and clothing companies give you their merchandise in exchange for publicity. This would really seem like it is the life.

Then there is the traveling aspect of this deal that is made where in a way a life is signed away. A team is competing to be the best in their sport and there are many sacrifices that have to be made in order to achieve that goal. There will be grueling practices up to 6 days a week and the day that you are not practicing you are doing your job, playing a game. That you have to travel to play away games will leave you homesick. That training with this team will take up most of your day a family could be dismantled. All this being away from family and loved ones can really take a toll on a personal life. A good effect that comes from traveling is seeing new places. Putting yourself in new environments keeps you well rounded.

The last and I think most crucial effect that comes from football is the stress and anguish. That football is such a pressure game it could cause many psychological problems. Worrying about so many different things at once can cause you to stress out. For example you have to remember over 100 plays and if you start forgetting or messing them up the coach can pull you out for a couple plays or even the game. Also intermitting itself in this is the “I have to better than him” motive, which means the thoughts of taking performance enhancing drugs. Taking these drugs can cause major thought and anguish in the long run. If the decision is made to take them then if caught you will be all over the news and fined which will tarnish peoples respect for you.

In conclusion there are many effects that come from playing the game of football and all of them are not good as implicated in this essay. Whether it is the glamour, the traveling, and the stress. Fortunately this essay focuses more on the harder aspects so if you do want to get into pro football there are a lot more things waiting for you.

The long term effects of playing football Essay

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