The Gods Must Be Crazy Essay

The Gods Must Be Crazy Essay.

The movie ” The Gods Must Be Crazy ” describes a tribe from the people of the Calahari, a place in Africa, coming in contact with a coke bottle dropped from a plane. A tribesman is struck on the head and thinks it is a gift from the gods. Shortly the tribe discovers wonderful uses of the bottle, but they also find later on that there is anger and violence whenever one is using it while someone else needs it and wants to use it.

So one bushman decides to walk to the end of the earth and return the bottle to the Gods.

Later on we see men of a terrorist called Semboca in an attempt to assassinate the president. Semboca and his men are followed throughout the movie by the counter terrorist forces until he and his men catch Mrs. Thompson, a lady who came to teach English, and the children she was teaching. From here on all the plots of the movie start to become more unified towards helping Mrs.

Thompson and the children from the Semboca and the terrorists.

Two main themes were seen in this film. The first is that different cultures find happiness and approach human problems differently. Like in the movie, we can see how the tribe was happy and satisfied with living in nature, and when the problem of the bottle came, the tribe stopped the use of the bottle although it was useful to them; peace was more important than the advance in technology. The second theme is that modern life is full of laws and rules to be followed by people. Otherwise it would result in suffering. Moreover, solutions are never complete. Meaning that there is no solution to a problem that would eliminate this problem completely.

Bushman culture traits were shown in the film through the way people of the tribe acted and lived. For example, people of the Calahari tribe used words that represented different symbols for different words in there language. Moreover, they lived in small numbers, a maximum of 50, and they kept roaming, searching for food in different places. They lived in small cottages and they depended on nature for their living.

In addition, we can notice that bushman culture is a complete opposite of the culture in the United States. First of all, we can notice of the people of the Calahari refused the advance in technology to retain peace when they decided to return the bottle to the Gods. On the other hand in the United States they would keep an advance in technology but they would put laws and rules that won’t solve all solutions and won’t retain full peace. Second of all, people of the Calahari use a language that includes symbols to refer to things they want to explain, while in the United States people are likely to use letters that form words to express certain ideas.

Finally, I look at this film and find it a meaningful and interesting film because it leads to good themes in a comic way. Moreover, I find it useful in a Human Geography class because it makes a good comparison between modern and old cultures and shows how an old culture without advances in technology can retain a more peaceful and resentful life.

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The Gods Must Be Crazy Essay

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