The Facets Model Essay

Advertising, as a fast-paced, ever-changing industry, continuously enhances the methods and techniques used to reach and convince its target audience. Traditional approaches were set aside; and the sweeping reason could probably lay on the missing elements the Facets model addresses.

Advertising affects consumer responses in different modes/levels. The first is what the audience see or hear – the Perception Facet. Because consumers process and receive information from the senses selectively, and media of advertisement are limited accordingly, certain factors must be taken into account quite seriously by advertisers for the brand to get noticed:

The target consumers must be exposed to the ad; the ad must get and maintain their attention, and the target audience must remember and recall the ad at critical moments of purchasing the brand.

A good example is the Coca-Cola commercial wherein the audience is first captured by an interesting and lively music, not too loud, in order to appeal to a wider range of audience. Second, colorful, interesting, and out-of-this-world, uncommon scenes of manufacturing the brand was shown.

The audience is then glued to thinking: “what’s this?”, “what’s happening?”, and “what would happen next?” Precisely because the “real world” lies outside the vending machine (as pictured in the ad), the ad hopes for the target audience to “remember” to buy the product when they see a vending machine.

Perhaps among the factors that effectively shake the Affective Facet of this model, consumer identification with the brand on a personal level is the most effective, as it influences all other factors as well – wants, feelings and likings. For instance, another well-made ad from Coca-Cola appeals to feelings of joy, giving, and familiar memories of Christmas. Any audience could reminisce and most of them, if not all, will be surprised that they had the brand during those happy times. Such feelings could prompt the target audience to buy and bring back the memories.

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