Television as a Curse or Blessings Essay

Television is the most popular media of human kind. It has become the indispensable part of life. By watching television we can see much things happening around us. everyone must agree that the advantages of of wathching television are considerable but besides that there are many disadvantages of watching television. begning from the first i must say that it is the one of the most important factor that have transformed the indian history.

Earlier people hardly had any knowledge on different important aspects of our life.

television especially owadays is very popular and every family have access to it. by watching television we may watch many competetions live going around the world. it saves time as well as money which would have been spent on buying tickets. We can also enjoy travelling on television by watching discovery or national geography and many more.

It also decrease pressure as variety of comedies and dramas are source of it. as it is said that every thing have good as well as bad side also.

as all the programs on t. v. are not suitable for all ages. therefore parents must upervise their chidlren while watching television.

In the aspect of health watching television for long may effect the eyesight adversely. however the veiwer may find the television so interesting that he she may forget their responsibilities and get induldged in watching television. children may neglect their studies. both adult and children may lack sleep for staying up late to watch the show. it is important that people do not become too occupied with watching television. while they may benefit for some programmed but watching too much television is not advisable.

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