Social Issues in Taiwan Essay

In recent years, many serious social issues keep happening constantly in Taiwan, causing a lot of people depressing and frustrating. According to the page of Dajiyaun published in 2009/08/29, the rate of happiness in Taiwan ranks at the bottom among seven Asian countries. People in Singapore, Vietnam, China and Korea live happier than Taiwanese. Besides the law rate of well- being, the rate of committing suicide stays at a high level as well, showing no trend of decline. Taiwanese seems having miserable lives.

Nowadays, more and more people come across some difficult social issues, which are the high divorce rate in Taiwan, the problem of school bullying and the unemployment of freshman of society.

According to the page of Dajiyaun in 2006/11/06, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia all come across the problem of rising of divorce rate. The divorce rate in Taiwan is the highest among all Asian countries. The number of couples divorced in 2003 has hit a record of 61213. In 2006, the number of divorced couples has hit 64540, according to statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior.

Recently, many people prefer being single to married. Thus, many couples ended their marriage in divorce because of three main causes, which are lack of communication between couples, the financial hardship and the changing of conceptions.

One of the courses of divorce is lack of communication between couples. According to Lihpao Daily in 2010/04/22, lacking for communication has become the main cause of divorce. Because most couples do not communicate with each other properly, they lead to divorces with issues unresolved from small turning into big. The most common situation is that the wife asks the husband to spend more time with the family. However, the husband still hangs out with friends frequently after getting married.

This kind of little event often brings about getting divorce. In addition, the problem of lacking of communication happens frequently in double incomes family. They are both busy and working during the day and taking care of housework after work. I come from a double incomes family. My parents often argue for little things. For example, My father thinks that having bathtub is useless but my mom insists having a bathtub. At first, they argue for the little decision. After few minutes, their topic changes from bathtub to the problem of living habits.

Another common cause of divorce is financial hardship. Couples will divorce if they cannot afford daily expense and huge debt. A traditional saying in Taiwan: Poverty and deprivation forever bring miseries to marriage. Constant quarrels will bring about divorcing of the family always in debt. According to the page of the Liberty News in 2009/07/18, Lin and Wang was a married couple and they relied on few wages to raise a kid. They didn’t have enough money to rent a house and raise a kid. Therefore, this young couple lived in the Internet café and let their child sleep on the motorcycle. After the couple was founded by the police, they decided to divorce and agreed with the police to send their child to another fine family.

Another example was reported in the page of Apple Daily in 2012/05/19, a man who lived in Tainan sued his wife because he wanted to divorce with her. His wife spent 28000000 within 15 years and used his name to borrow 500000 from the bank. In addition, the man worried about financial problems all the time and was diagnosed with melancholia. He can’t help but ask to divorce. Though money is not everything, you cannot live without money. Regardless of how much the couple love each other, they will end in divorce and the family will be destroyed if they cannot afford to pay the daily expenses.

The third cause of divorce is changing of conceptions. Nowadays, people tend to focus on the quality of marriage. Today’s society is different. In earlier society, people emphasized the stability of marriage. People get married for having next generation. For example, my grandparents obeyed the order from their parents and got married. They wouldn’t divorce easily because they would consider for the kids and the whole family. Following the change of conceptions, many young couples get married without thinking. Taiwan national university professor- Doctor Wang has expressed that the couples divorce easily within a year. Today, young couples will divorce if they find out that love no longer exists between them. They focus on the quality of marriage. Nowadays, couples are brave to express their thoughts to maintain a happy marriage.

People divorce for many reasons. Not all marriages fail for the same reason. In my opinion, the three main causes bring about having the highest divorce rate in Taiwan among Asian countries are lack of communication between couples, financial hardship and the changing of conception. To avoid regretting for your decision, we should probably think of the problems carefully and take everything into consideration before we decide to get divorced.

The second social issue in Taiwan is the problem of school bullying. There is a saying: When you look at your life, the greatest happiness is family happiness. ~Joyce Brothers. Home ought to be our harbor to avoid the storm outside and the family should act as a strong back-up system when we are down. Generally speaking, home should be a place filled with joy. However, according to the statistics releasing from the World Health Organization, the relationships between parents and kids are immiscible. In addition, there are approximately 210000 children unsatisfying their families. Therefore, school bully becomes a severe problem nowadays because of some children lacking of attention from their parents, the wrong system of education and the affection of media.

In Taiwan, most children spend their time staying at school and most parents have to work until 8 or 9 o’clock at night. As a result, both children and parents are tired and exhausted. They don’t want to talk to each other after a busy day. In this situation, parents do not have extra time to ask their children to behave properly or act as well-mannered kids. For sake of being bullied, some kids use violence to resolve everything because that is the only way they have learned to keep a safety. Reported in the in 2009/04/16, there was a school bully happened in a junior high school in Hualien.

Twelve students hit a learning-disabled aboriginal student in school and the whole process was filmed by one of the bullies. Other classmates watched the whole filming process but no one helped the poor student. Even the principle of the school tried to destroy the video and pretended as nothing had happened. Moreover, the parents of those bullies sent a politician to force the victim to shut his mouth. Instead of punishing their children, the parents of the bullies tried to protect their kids. In other words, the parents agree with their children’s improper behaviors and they did not pay attention on their morality at all.

The second cause of school bully is the wrong system of education. Nowadays, our education emphasizes on persuading rather than punishing. Therefore, some teachers would not brave enough to expose school bullying. According to the reported in 2009/12/12, a boy who studied in the first year of junior high school was shaved as a bareheaded by his classmate. The bully dragged the skinny boy into the bathroom and took two shavers for shaving his hair. Other bystanders refused to give a hand to the skinny boy and they laughed happily while watching the process of shaving hair. The most shameful thing is that the whole process was filmed by their teacher. The teacher regarded the whole bulling process as a comedy and did not stop his students. The parents of the victim were so angry that they sued the teacher immediately. Viewing this event, we can see that the education of system have a lot of problems to resolve and many places to improve.

The third cause of school bully is the affection of media. In recent years, dramas and online games spread widely and quickly. Many students learn violent behaviors through TVs and computers. That is, the public media set an extremely bad example for children. Few months ago, a notorious school bullying in Hsinchu infuriated Taiwanese and the film spread expeditiously on facebook. People tried to find out those evil girls who had bullied a small girl by using a lot of violent behaviors that were invented by Taiwan’s dramas. Instead of regretting for their unforgettable behaviors, the girls flaunted what they had done and were proud of themselves. The bullies imitated the plots from the dramas and regarded themselves as superwomen. Taiwan’s media should take this event into consideration and decide which kind of shows that is suitable for students and kids.

School bullying makes me worry about the future of those bullies. They beat other classmates when they were teenagers. When they grow up, they might use weapons instead of using hands. This issue links to other social problems. The government in Taiwan should pay more attention on school bullying and try to prohibit any violence happening again.

The third social issue in Taiwan is the rate of unemployment keeps staying at a high level. With the advent of June, many students turn into the freshmen of society. They are filling of passion to devote to their first jobs. However, finding a job seems to be more difficult than entering a university. According to the investigation from the Human Resource Agency, there are half of the freshmen of society having unstable jobs such as temporary workers on assignments and contract workers. Moreover, some people depend on their parents because they cannot find a satisfying job. In my point view, the downturn of the industries in Taiwan, the companies need people who have bountiful experiences and the wrong attitudes toward college students are three reasons causing the high rate of unemployment.

Recently, economic crisis brings a lot of negative affections toward Taiwan’s industries. Although stock market seems prosperous and the prices of real estate keep rising, most people are hard to make a living. In M society, prosperous stock market is useless for most office workers because they earn not so much. They worry about their budget all the time because prices keep climbing. In this condition, companies do not have extra money to hire new employers. Therefore, the rate of unemployment still stays in a high level, showing no trend of decline.

The second cause is that the most companies in Taiwan require people who have experiences. Taiwan focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises for a long time. Human resource is not the most important elements of managing a small company. These enterprises tend to hire the employees who don’t need to be trained. That is, the degree doesn’t play an important role. However, there are still some companies are willing to offer good salaries for hiring talents. Viewing whole situation, people who major in non-mainstream subjects are hard to make a living in Taiwan. Therefore, there are still a lot of graduated students cannot find stable jobs.

The third cause of high rate of unemployment is the wrong attitude toward college students. According to the statistics releasing from the National Policy Foundation, 56.26% employers regard the passion as the most important factor when interviewing a job. Most industries prefer employee willing to learn, working hard and having high pressure resistance. But nowadays many college students refused to work hardly but receiving less salary. They would rather keep studying to avoid the pressure of finding a job. In addition, many freshmen of society change their jobs randomly because they want to find the easiest one. Attitude determines altitude. The wrong attitude toward college students is definitely the main reason causing the high rate of unemployment.

Finding a job is not easy but it does not mean it is difficult. Everything is good for something. As long as you devote yourself to do everything, you will get something good in return. As a college student, I have set my goal and I am working hard on it now. No matter my goal will be achieved or not, I will try my best to make it come true.

In my opinion, the high divorce rate in Taiwan, the problem of school bullying and the high rate of unemployment are three main social issues in Taiwan. Besides these serious issues, there are still many problems happening in our country all the time. I am not ashamed of being a Taiwanese. To make our country become a peaceful and happy place, Taiwanese should be honored of being Taiwanese and unite our strength to get through all the hardships.

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