Science Report on Electromagnetism Essay

Science Report on Electromagnetism Essay.

This report will be done on the theory of Electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is the force that combines electricity and magnetism. Electromagnetism is found in everyday things that shape our lives. It is the cleanest force used to make energy today, and it is used in almost every home appliance that is in a standard middle classed home. The E-M force is the most commonly under looked force that helps us live. Without Electromagnetism, we would be falling through floors, literally! E-M force can be found even in military weapons, and even the radio uses electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism can save lives when used in critical medical equipment. This is one truly amazing force that we can no longer overlook if we wish to live a normal, healthy, and fun life. Electromagnetism, the most common, yet overlooked force that shapes out lives. (This is the first of my several subtopics dealing with the E-M force. This particular subtopic deals with electromagnetism’s general uses. Electromagnetism is commonly used in microwaves, remote control cars, and it creates energy cleanly and fast.

One of the most important uses for electromagnetism is in electronic motors. The main components are a core rod and many copper wires coiling around the iron rod. The coils rotate around the iron rod because of the magnetic force caused by a certain magnetic field on an electric current. While doing so, this turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. When this happens, normally a gear is attached to the end of the rod. That Gear is connected to another gear and that can be linked to anything you want to turn. However, when you reverse this process of making electrical energy into mechanical energy, it creates energy. This can be done with windmills, in dams, and in underwater tunnels that are specifically made for making energy.

The way that works is that instead of the copper wires turning and making the iron rod turn, the copper coils. These windmills are actually called wind turbines. These wind turbines can vary in size greatly. Some can be fit on your roof, some need to be installed on big hills were the wind blows. Now that we are done talking about wind turbines, electromagnetism is used in remote control cars because of the electric motors. Some remote control cars use gasoline as their source but we will not get into that. Microwaves use electromagnetism the same way as remote controlled cars do. When their plate rotates, there is an engine under the plate. It is also sometimes used to create radio waves which are the main source of heat in the microwave.

This paragraph will be talking about electromagnetism’s history. In April 21, 1820, while preparing for a lecture, Hans Christian Orsted designed an experiment which provided evidence that surprised him. As he was preparing his materials, he noticed that a compass needle deflected from magnetic poles north when the electric current from the battery he was using was switched on and off. This deflection convinced him that magnetic fields radiate from all sides of a wire carrying an electric current, just as light and heat do, and that it confirmed a direct relationship between electricity and magnetism. When that occurred, Hans did not continue further experimentation, nor did he try to do the math of what he had seen. However, three months later, Hans decided that he should do more study and so he did thereafter publishing his studies. His studies then continued on and still do throughout these modern years. As our understanding for electromagnetism continues to grow, it becomes increasingly helpful to us.

This subtopic will be about how an electromagnet works and how it can be created. Electromagnets at the most basic form can be made by copper coils, iron rods, and a battery. Depending on what kind of job it will do, the power source will differentiate. When the electromagnet is built, it almost has the same properties as a natural magnet. The Electromagnet produces a magnetic field and it has a positive and negative side. The benefits of an electromagnet are that you can control its strength by increasing the power to the copper wire. “Electromagnets work when electricity is forced through the copper coil that is coiled around an Iron rod.

You can connect the copper wires to a battery or any other kind of power source, then use the electromagnet as you wish. Now the way an electromagnet works is that you send an electrical current through the coil. When that happens the battery produces electrons. Electrons collect at the negative end of the battery, and, if you let them, they will gladly flow to the positive end. The way you “let them” flow is with a wire. If you attach a wire directly between the positive and negative terminals of a D-cell battery, three things will happen:1.Electrons will flow from the negative side of the battery to the positive side as fast as they can.

2.The battery will drain very quickly. For that reason, it is generally not a good idea to connect the two terminals of a battery to one another directly. Normally, you connect some kind of load in the middle of the wire so the electrons can do useful work. The load might be a motor, a light bulb, a radio or whatever.

3.A small magnetic field is generated in the wire. It is this small magnetic field that is the basis of an electromagnet.”This is spoken of on

This is subtopic will be about how the electromagnetism force shapes the human life and how it makes our bodies work the way it does. First, as your have read earlier in my introduction, that without electromagnetism, we’d be falling through walls, floors, and anything else. The reason for this is because atoms produce electrons which have electromagnetic properties. These properties force the atoms to stick together so that our body has a solid structure and that our body doesn’t just fall apart into millions of atoms. And since everything in our bodies is made of atoms, if there was no electromagnetism, there would be no life or and no world. The earth and all the other planets revolve around the sun because of its giant magnetic field.

The end of this report is that the electromagnets are essential to modern day life and will continue to make our minds think more and more about this force. Electromagnetism will be there to help us all the way through life and as we get older, we will find new uses for electromagnetism. The electromagnetism force is also essential to our bodies and it will keep us intact. This is the most under looked and underestimated force that shapes our lives, keeps us alive, and makes our life easier. Thank you for reading this report.



Science Report on Electromagnetism Essay

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