Reliance Fresh Essay

Reliance Retail a convenient store format, is governed by the Mukesh ambani and is the most important part of Reliance Industries retail Business. It also comprises more than 2000 reliance stores(October 2014) all over the country. The outlet sells foods, groceries, apparel s and footwear. A distinctive Reliance Fresh outlet is around 3000 to 4000 sq. feet and accommodates catchment area of one to three Kilometers. Reliance retail is spread over 155 cities.

History of Reliance Retail

The Reliance Retail had to face various difficulties before the launch of Reliance fresh, because of the various circumstances prevailing in Orissa, West Bengal and UP, along with the news focusing on the dearth of vegetables and fruits stocks.

The retail business of Reliance then minimized its exposure in vegetable and fruit business, as a result established Reliance fresh positioning a pure super market play focusing on various categories like IT, consumer durables, home, FMCG and food. The retail company of Reliance may not supply the vegetables and fruits in a few states, the Reliance Fresh decided to not to race with local wholesalers partly because of the incapability to maintain a healthy supply chain.

The first ever a Reliance Fresh store was established in Hyderabad, wherein the company, mainly focused on the fresh produced vegetables and fruits at comparatively low price.

Subsidiaries and Divisions:
1.Reliance Fresh: Retail outlets of fruits, vegetables &groceries.
2.Reliance Digital: Consumer electronics retail stores.
3.Reliance jewels: Jewellery
4.Reliance Timeout: Stores of books, music, movies
5.Reliance Market: Wholesale cash n carry

To provide high quality products for the customers.
To reduce spoilage through its supply chain & logistic networks.
To enrich customer’s shopping experience through customized offer & ‘value for money’ merchandise.
To foster relationship with partners.
To increase agribusiness in india and timely payments to farmers. To reduce gap between customer and manufacturer.

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