Recruiting and retaining the right People Essay

Recruiting and retaining the right People Essay.


For this assignment I have been asked by the human resources manager to assist him in the preparation for the recruitment of staff in the finance department. This is because they took in the notice that I’m currently studying for an extended diploma in Business. My first task will be to create a visually appealing leaflet describing the documentation needed in the recruitment process for a finance worker. My second task will be to prepare a list of employability, personal and communication skills required for working as a finance officer.

I will need to write a supporting statement stating the skills I possess which will make me suitable for the job. My final task will be to prepare a report, assessing the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in the accounts department.

Recruitment process for a finance officer

Finance officer- A finance officer is in charge of receiving and distributing funds. The recruitment process for a finance officer needs a specific type of documentation in order to be effective, documentation such as application forms, CVs (curriculums vitae) personal statements and job descriptions.

An application form is very important as it provides vital information from the applicants to the business. An application form includes the personal details of the applicants such as name, age, address etc. It also includes other type of information such as right to work in the UK, criminal history etc. CVs are written description of a person’s work experience, educational background and skills (This includes employment history and qualifications such as GCSE’s and university degrees).

Personal statements include a general description of a person’s life and current situation. It’s a brief description of character where applicants are usually required to state why they are suitable for the job and what skills they possess- similarly like a cover letter. A job description is another important documentation as it describes the role of job. This makes applicants aware of what they are required to do and what skills they need to possess (This way they know if they’re suitable for the job or not). Examples of finance officer applications can be found on the internet.

Skills required for working as a finance officer
Employability Skills:
Communication skills( writing, oral and non-verbal)

There are three different types of communication skills, writing, oral and non-verbal. Writing skills involves been able to read in a fluent way and to be able to create good pieces of writing (high level vocabulary). Oral involves been able to make decent presentations which can influence other people’s opinions; it also consists of having good listening skills (to be able to take criticism and listen to other people’s opinions). Non-verbal involves having a good body language and suitable appearance (look responsible and organised).

Team work

To create a good work environment by cooperating with each other
Problem solving
To be able to come up with solutions and wise decision
Planning and organising
To be organised and prepared for anything
Computer skills
To be able to work with computers especially when carrying out accounting activities
Supervision skills
To be able to supervise and manage other employees effectively
Accounting and bookkeeping skills
To be able to manage money and to keep records of the financial affairs of a business
Stress and time managing skills
To be able to keep stress levels low and manage time effectively by meeting deadlines and be hardworking.
Personal skills
To possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
Honest and trustworthy
Be flexible
Demonstrate sound work ethics

Supporting statement

I believe I am qualified to work as a finance officer due to the following reasons. I’m a very responsible person because I never leave pending work for last minute. I always give my best by working hard in any type of activity. I respect other people and I’m aware that some people have different cultures and beliefs which is why I always try to be sensitive and tolerant towards others. The only thing I demand from employers is respect and good listening skills as it can bring out the full potential of a company. I have many computer skills because I’ve been involved in many IT activities during year 11 (secondary school).

In fact I’ve worked with computers since I was a child, which is why I have a general knowledge about computers and software. I also possess leadership skills due to previous experiences where I’ve been assigned to manage many clubs in my secondary school. This experience eventually helped me a lot as it gave me the knowledge to come up with solutions in general. On top of that I’m currently studying level 3 extended Diploma in Business and I have 6 GCSE’s qualification including mathematics and geography which I believe will help me cope with this department and lead this company to success.

Importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in the accounts departments Employability and personal skills are very important when it comes to recruitment and retention of staff in the accounts department. People that work in the accounts department are highly required to possess computer and bookkeeping knowledge. Without employability skills employees wouldn’t be able to cope with difficult situations that might occur in the workplace. Employability skills help creating a good work environment which improves cooperation within the employees. It also improves team work which is beneficial to the company.

Almost all modern workplaces need their employees to communicate well with each other, their supervisors or managers, and their customers or service users. It is impossible for companies and organisations to offer a good service to their customers or service users, unless their employees work as a team and communicate. More jobs need workers who have the skills and ability to use numbers, computers, telephones and the written word to get things done. About ten years ago for example, It may have been possible to do a basic practical job, using job-specific practical skills learnt at work, without using any reading or writing skills. Increasingly, all workers doing practical jobs now have to use literacy skills to keep records and follow instructions.


Recruiting and retaining the right People Essay