Promote Child And Young Person Development Essay

1. Explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development When assessing children and young people it has to be done sensitively and accurately. There are a number of factors to be taking in to account, such as confidentiality. If you want to carry out an observation on a child you have to have permission from a parent or guardian that who is responsible for that child. Most parents guardians are happy for you to observe there child although parent will not want other parent or other people to have no involvement such as reading reports as they don’t want them to know how their child’s development is getting on.

By following the parents request you must not leave note books or files lying around for other parents or people to see as they want it to stay confidential. When storing confidential information it should be stored carefully and make sure when you are discussing a child that you are only doing it with other practitioners within the setting.

Also when assessing children their wishes and feelings should be taking into consideration.

Children have rights just as much as adults, there will be times when it is not appropriate to observe children. For example if a child a child has become unsettled when doing an activity such as art work and they don’t like the paint. It is also when doing an observation it has to be written in a respectful manor. Ethnic, linguistic and cultural background needs to be taken into account because it is important that we assess the children’s development reliably. Sometimes the child’s behaviour, skill and interests are shown independently by the children because of their ethnic, linguistic or cultural background, for example a child may not take part in a story like the three little pigs because they see the pigs as dirty. As an observer may see this as the child not being interested in this book or drama. Bearing in mind that the linguistic background is particularly important because the child may not show these kind of skills because the words are not familiar.

Also disability and specific requirement is where some children or young people with a disability needs to be taken into consideration when doing an observation. In schools this is accepted, for example you may have children with dyslexia may need extra time when it comes to sitting test, while in a nursery children need one to one with an adult and may need to give one instruction at a time. If a practitioner does not understand the child’s disability this will lead to underestimating and child’s ability. All children and young people rely on you as a practitioner. There is no point in assessing a child’s development unless we do it so fairly accurately. Statements show that if you don’t do observations accurately it will harm the child’s development especially if it leads to the adults underestimating the child’s ability and progress. This means that we have to consider the reliability of the information we gather and also the limitations of any observations methods that we may use.

1.2. Assess a child or young person’s development in the following areas: a.
• Physical
b. • Communication
c. • Intellectual/cognitive
d. • Social, emotional and behavioural
e. • Moral
3. Explain the selection of the assessment methods used

4. Develop a plan to meet the development needs of a child or young person in the work setting. Outcome 2 Be able to promote the development of children or young people 1. Implement the development plan for a child or young person according to own role and responsibilities, taking into account that development is holistic and interconnected 2. Evaluate and revise the development plan in the light of implementation 3. Explain the importance of a person centred and inclusive approach and give examples of how this is implemented in own work 4. Listen to children or young people and communicate in a way that encourages them to feel valued 5. Encourage children or young people to actively participate in decisions affecting their lives and the services they receive according to their age and abilities. Outcome 3 Be able to support the provision of environments and services that promote the development of children or young people

1. Explain the features of an environment or service that promotes the development of children and young people Outcome 4 Understand how working practices can impact on the development of children and young people 1. Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people’s development 2. Explain how institutions, agencies and services can affect children and young people’s development Outcome 5 Be able to support children and young people’s positive behaviour 2. Evaluate different approaches to supporting positive behaviour Outcome 6 Be able to support children and young people experiencing transitions 1. Explain how to support children and young people experiencing different types of transitions

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