Personal development in health Essay

1. How can you evaluate your own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards? So, how do you ensure you are working within up to date standards for health and social care? How do you check this?

This is where you improve your performance with training and supervisions and I can check with the CQC to make sure I am doing things right if I was unsure or with my employer.

2. Can you identify your sources of support for planning and reviewing your own development? For examples, sources of support can include formal support, informal support, and supervision, appraisal, within the organisation or beyond the organisation.

The code of practice would be my main support and guide lines for planning and reviewing my development or my employer would also help me plan my own development with keeping my training up to date. Also working by the company policy and procedures would keep me within the guide lines.

3. Can you evaluate how any learning activities you have accessed have affected your practice?

I completed a fire awareness course and returned to work that evening when one of the clients set a pan on fire on the cooker, by doing the training I learnt to soak a t towel and pay it down from front to back of fire to suffocate it to put it out so was very useful and it worked as before I would have just wet a tea towel and just tried laying it on it no particularly way.

So this is just one example of where the training helped with my job in caring for people. I also learnt the best way to deal with a burn is to keep it under cold water to take away the burning sensation, or to keep a cold wet dressing on it till we get to the hospital for treatment. These are just two examples from a first aid course and a fire awareness course.

Unit 4222-306- promote and impement health and safety in health and social care

4. Describe the different types of accidents and sudden illness that may occur in your work own work setting.

In my work place the most likely accidents is ware clients burn their self when cooking or when then fall over. Another is the self harming which we can in counter quiet regular when our clients are upset about things out of our control. The most often illness is coldsflu or sickness. Quiet often we have clients with breathing problems as well i.e. asthma

5. Explain the procedures to be followed if an accident or sudden illness should occur.

If a client had a fall I would check how they was but not move them, just try make comfortable then call a ambulance, I would then notify my employer and they would then notify anyone that needed to no. I would then document everything that happened in the accident book as well as the clients file and on my contact sheets as well. If a client had a problem with their breathing I would get them their inhaler to try and help it but if that didn’t work I would then call an ambulance to assist with a nebuliser or to take them to hospital. I would again notify my employer who would then contact the people who need to no. I would again make sure everything was documented.

6. Explain the main points of legalisation that relates to moving and handling

The manual handling operations regulations 1992, which implement the manual handling of loads directive, came into effect on 1 January 1993 and apply to all manual handling activity with a risk of injury. The regulations impose duties on the employers self employed people and employees. Employers must avoid all hazardous manual handling activity where it is reasonably practicable to do so. if it is not they must assess the risk in relation to the nature of the task, the load, the working environment and the capabilities of the handler and take appropriate action to reduce the risk to the lowest level reasonably The employer’s duties;

Avoid the need for hazardous manual handling as far as is reasonably practible. Assess the risk of injury from any hazardous manual handling that can’t be avoided Reduce the risk of injury from hazardous manual handling, as far as reasonably practicable The employee’s duties

Follow appropriate systems of work laid down for their safety Make proper use of equipment provided to minimise the risk of injury Co-operate with the employer on health and safety matters. If a care assistant fails to use a hoist that has been provided, they are putting themselves at risk of injury. The employer is unlikely to be liable. Apply the duties of employers, as appropriate, to their own manual handling activities. Taking care to ensure that their activities do not put others at risk

7. Explain principles for safe moving and handling

There are some basic principles that everyone should observe prior to carrying out a manual handling operation: Ensure that the object is light enough to lift, is stable and unlikely to shift or move Heavy or awkward loads should be moved using a handling aid

Make sure the route is clear from obstructions

Make sure there is somewhere to put the load down wherever it is to be moved to Stand as close to the load as possible and spread your feet to shoulder width Bend your knees and try to keep your backs natural, upright posture Grasp the load firmly as close to the body as you can

Use the legs to lift in a smooth motion as this offers more leverage reducing the strain on your back Carry the load close to the body with the elbows tucked in to the body Avoid twisting the body as much as possible by turning your feet to position yourself with the load.

8. Describe types of hazardous substances that may be found in the work setting

Bleach can be a hazardous substance if not used right and or enough ventilation is possible or many cleaning products.

9. Describe practices that prevent fires from-
a) Starting
Keeping things away from flames like tea towels and cloths when cooking. Being very aware and watch you’re cooking so it doesn’t burn dry and catch light.
b) Spreading
Keep all fire doors shut to try preventing from it spreading and contain the fire. Try to turn off the cause of the fire to try and kill the fire.
c) Explain emergency procedures to be followed in the event of a fire in the work setting. To sound the alarm, to call 999, to evacuate the building with a register of who was in and who is out so you can inform the fire service when they arrive. Inform my employer and then when every is safe and fire is out, document it. Unit 4222-374-promote active support

11. Compare the characteristics associated with active support and hotel model in relation to an individual’s support. For guidance here, the ‘hotel model’ refers to institutional style settings organised mainly around staffing needs. They are not person centred and offer a poor quality of life for individuals. An example could be staff undertaking all the domestic tasks and not providing individuals with the opportunity to participate in construction activities.

Active support is when you let a client do the things they need to do i.e. cooking, cleaning and self care but are there to assist them when needed. Hotel model is when you going in and do everything as it quicker and easier than waiting for them to do their self and by making them wait to curtain times or days to do some tasks i.e. every has times when they get help to use bathrooms or everyone has the same dinner time to eat or everyone has to go to bed at same time early as easier for staff to cope with if they all in bed.

12. Identify practical changes that could be made within a service setting- A) Promote an individual’s independence

To help an individual to have independency could be a simple thing like making a flannel wet and handing it to them to wash their own face instead of you just washing their face, or cutting their food up so they can feed their self as they cannot cut their food up as cant use a knife and fork but could feed their self with a spoon.

B) Support informed choices

This could be when we go shopping and I suggest different foods for them to choose from or it could be not taking a library book back on time I would just make them aware they would receive a late payment fee that would mean they would then have less money to live on so they would then think about whether it was worth taking it back late or going back and getting it stamped so they can have it again instead of being charged for it.

C) Improve quality of life.

I could do a risk assessment on them and find they would benefit from some aids to give them a better life for example if they can’t read or see things properly I could arrange for them to see a optician and get glasses so they could see to read and would help with their balance and could lessen the amount of falls that they have had, or it could be someone is not hearing properly and is being a danger to their selves for example when crossing the road they are not hearing the traffic and what’s going on around them. A doctor could arrange a hearing test and a hearing aid which would be better for the client and he would be less dangerous. Unit 4222-325-support individuals during a period of change 13. Describe the types of changes that may occur in the course of an individual’s life. Types of change can include changes that are positive, negative, chosen ,unchosen, temporary or permanent

A person could receive news of a death of a family member which they would then grieve. A person could have some good news like winning the lottery or could be their parent wants contact with them after she had put them in care or they got a job or they are clear of any health issues etc They could decide to make a change in their courses they are attending or choose to not have contact with curtain people or could simply be they have chosen to be a vegetarian ect You might have to move house when you don’t want to or move area when you don’t want to but a family brake down is making you, it could be temporary until your house becomes available or it could be permanent because it wasn’t your house in the first place and you was living with someone. 14. Analyse factors that may make change a positive or negative experience.

If someone was being abused but was then moved out it would be a positive move as client would not be being abused any more but the negative side would be the client would have been moved out of the family setting and might not like the idea of being away from family and rebel against it as much as they know it was the right decision they might be confused as to why the person did what they did and why have they been moved and look at it as a punishment as they had not done anything wrong. 15. Can you describe approaches that are likely to enhance an individual’s capacity to manage change and experience change positively?

When our clients become 18 they are registered on to the council list for housing so leading up to their 18th birthday we will teach them to cook and clean and look after their selves and to budget and pay bills and how to ask for help when needed and where to go to access what help they need. This all prepares them for change when they have to do things on their own. Unit 4222-342- support positive risk taking for individuals

16. Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of life.

Every day life is a risk, crossing the road, cooking, falling over Become ill; making decisions is a risk to weather you makes the right one.

17. Explain why individuals may have been discouraged or prevented from taking risks We may discourage some people of taking risks when they have no fear, like when they might just walk out across the road without looking to see if there any traffic coming, or they turn the cooker on and put a pan on and get distracted and walk away and forget about it until they smell burning, or it could be someone going to the cash point and draws a lot of money out and waves it around for everyone to see and then looses it.

18. Can you describe the links between risk-taking and responsibility, empowerment and social inclusion?

The link is offering individuals the opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams of their own choice which empowers the individuals. The person in the support role is responsible for identifying the risks and hazards that come with the chosen activity and decide how the risks could be reduced or the activity adapted to make it less hazardous.

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