Organizational Behavior Essay

Organizational Behavior Essay.

This paper will describe what are believed to be the important elements of organizational behavior and how these elements challenge the effectiveness of a private security agency. Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. The purpose of the behavior is to build a better relationship and have objectives in the business. In both private security agencies and the criminal justice system it will establish important matter with an effective organizational behavior to operate their job duties correctly.

The primary objective and the goals of private security agencies were to make sure that the safety of the customers were met. This mean to satisfy the needs, wants and demands of the customer in a successful manner. The private security sectors have the elements and combine them to build a great model and be able to organize the business and operate from that model. Managers in private security use the details in the organizational behavior policy to help make the decisions that will affect the company.

This policy will help direct the employees and their attitudes as well as the performance of those very employees. The OB will also allow the managers to better understand the best way to allocate resources for the betterment of the company. In the private security agency and through the use of the organizational behavior plan and policy communication is going to be the key in achieving the goals that are set for the company. Management needs to focus on the employees and be able to predict which employees are productive, dedicated employees and the ones that lack those qualities. Preventing adverse actions against the company and the employees from happening is the primary job and goal of the private security manager. The manager’s main responsibility at a private security agency is to have an impact on the performance of the employees. This is often done through the monitoring of the behavior skills as a team and productivity. Every company will have a diversity with people they hire, as they will all come from different backgrounds and cultural values.

The other issue that a company will have when dealing with diversity is a variety of views on personalities and the way that things need to be done. In most cases there will be some that will be extremely hard working and take their duties very serious, and then another may do a little as possible to simply get the job done or appear to be busy. The work ethics of the employees are not factors that should play a role in the environment that the employees are expected to work, and it is not unfair for the employer to expect the employee to complete the duties of the job with effectiveness and efficiency. There are challenges that a private security agency will face, and hopefully handle to the best of their ability.

The management needs to be ready to step in and be persistent and be able to work to lower the employee turnover rate. There are also going to be some employee turnover when there is a management change because of a conflict in personalities. The last thing that a manager wants to happen is the loss of employees due to changes in policy. As a manager one should be able to motivate the employees and have growth in job performance, satisfaction which will lead to less absenteeism, human resource issues and improve the trust between the employees and the management.


In conclusion the behavior of the people is based on what is important to themselves. Management teams need to be observers of their employees and their behaviors, the managers are going to see things differently than the employees. The last thing that management will want to do is down play the employee’s feelings on any given situation. As with any company a group of employees are going to act differently in the same situation, because they are all different. The manager must be aware of the differences and develop a platform that will be the same for all employees and the situations that may transpire. The organization behavior will help managers see the employee’s behavior and reform them or to simply remove them and their behavior. Organization behavior is something that should be in place in all areas of the criminal justice system as well as private security agency to have a safe work place, and behavior environment with employees and the customers.


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Organizational Behavior Essay