My View on Couchsurfing Essay

I have heard of Couchsurfing a long time ago, but I wasn’t so bold so I have never tried it. As I knew more about Couchsurfing, I found it an excellent way of traveling around the world by sleeping on other people’s couches. And I really want to actually try it. To my way of thinking, CS has many advantages. To begin with, it is cheaper than the traditional ways of travel. In our youth, we usually want more experiences and adventures.

But as college students, we don’t have much budget for our travel. Luckily, we can choose CS. We sleep at the hosts’ couches (sometimes they’ll provide a bed), and it is totally free of charge.

Thus we can go to the places we never thought we could afford to. Furthermore, CS can not only broaden one’s horizon by travel but also it contributes to let one makes more friends from all over the world by chatting with them.

It is mutual, and both the travelers and the hosts can benefit from it. They get to know people in other parts of the world and many different cultures. Moreover, CS is a true social network; it is real and it provides us a platform to understand the true spirit of travel — that is to connect with nature and the people there and share.

It is no doubt that every coin has two sides; CS is no exception. It also has disadvantages. The most concerned problem is safety. As we know, there are creeps and weirdoes in the world. With the development of CS, many people get to know it, among which there would probably be some people who have ulterior motives and want to take advantage of it for some illegal purposes. Therefore, there could be some robbers, rapists, murderers, pretended to be hosts or travelers to commit crimes. But nothing is perfectly safe.

Even when we walk on the street, we can be hit by a car. So, should we stay at home forever and never go outside? No, we just need to know how to protect ourselves and then we will be great. There are few steps to protect ourselves and keep us away from incidents; try to make it as safe as possible. First of all, when we choose hosts or to be the hosts, we should examine the strangers’ profile carefully. There are many guys who just want to look for a hookup. Do not choose the person without a complete profile. Also, check their previous references.

And it will be better to connect them via the phone or video chat before surfing/hosting. What’s more, Google the emergency telephone number before travel in case accidents happen. Last but not least, always prepare a Plan B. From what has been mentioned above, we can come to a conclusion that the benefits of Coushsurfing far outweigh its risks as long as we learn how to protect our safety. Besides the money-saving advantages, you can also make friends that can last a lifetime as well as learn different cultures and become a wise person.

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