Letter of Complaintment Essay

Letter of Complaintment Essay.

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing to you concerning a problem that has arisen from the purchase of one of your cosmetic products on December, 29th, 2012 at your store in Castlepoint – Bournemouth. The item is your Nº 7 Firmer Younger Looking Skin priced 97£. The problem developed shortly after applying this product for the first time when I arrived in Portugal on January, 3rd, 2013. Within one hour, my cheeks became red and began to spread. After two hours, my entire face was swollen and remained so for three days.

No other cosmetic product had been applied to my face, and I am sure that this product caused an allergic reaction on my skin.

I went to the doctor and he told me not to use your product again. I had to pay 150€ to the dermatologist. Copies of receipts for this service and the product purchase are included in this letter. I would appreciate being immediately compensated to the amount of 227.35£. This sum is to reimburse me for the dermatologist’s visit and for the purchase of the product: (130.

35£ – dermatologist + 97£ – product).

In conclusion I can say that this amount doesn’t pay all the discomfort and trouble the use of your product has caused me. No money can pay what I felt when I looked at the mirror and saw my face…I also send you a photo of myself to prove all this and I advise your laboratories should test all your products on all skins types. I look forward to hearing from you within the next seven days (one week). Yours faithfully

Maria Santos

Letter of Complaintment Essay