Influences: Celebrities Essay

Influences: Celebrities Essay.

The environment of a child molds them into the person they will become as an adult. The biggest influences in children lives are parents and celebrities. There are positive and negative influences these two both set as role models. When a child sees behavior of their parents affects their mental and social development as they grow. It seems today that children are trying to act older than they really are. Pressure from parents and celebrities could be responsible for this behavior and change in identity.

The way children are influenced by our parents is entirely different by how they are influenced by celebrities. There are children who may make a bad decision about sex, drugs, money, or just maybe in life. As a child grows the images they see stays with them as the turn into teenagers. Then they think it is okay because the person they look up to besides a parent have demonstrated or talked about it. Parents can also influence bad decisions as well.

Celebrities may play a great role in influencing a teenager’s preferences and perception towards.

It is important for celebrities to keep up a good image. The influence of celebrities can range from one’s personal appearance to how a person interacts with the community. Celebrities have influenced people to wear similar clothes, to have the same hairstyle, or to use the same brand of cosmetics and other personal effects. Teenagers look up to celebrities for every minor update from the fashion world in the lust to look good and current. Girls are pressured to be skinnier and prettier, because that is what they see women look like in magazines and television.

Sex sells and the media know that. It is also dangerous for children and teens to become obsessed with celebrities and everything their lives entail. The infatuation teenagers have over celebrities and their lifestyles can take over their own lives. Parents being the first influence in a kid’s life can affect them in the best possible manner by helping them to develop good personalities full of quality ethical and moral values. Family is the primary institution in the lives of individuals, with mother being the first teacher. Parents influence the life of an individual in multiple ways.

The kid looks at the lifestyle of his parents and tries to adapt with them, therefore following everything that he looks at. Parents are the initial influence in their children’s lives. If parents have good morals and confidence so will their children. But if children see their parents displaying negative behaviors such as smoking, or abusing drugs and alcohol, or even possessing low self-esteem, the children will believe it is acceptable and are more likely to do so. Although celebrities influence lives in a big way, parents have a greater influence.

Quality time spent with family could balance their self-images and lessen the need closely watch what celebrities are doing and the entertainment shows are created to cause hype directed towards famous people. No matter how much a person is influenced by celebrities, it can be limited when parents come into the picture. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a positive influence coming from celebrities, but when a person starts to show negative behavior because of this influence, parents and family will have to step in to change a person’s perspective.

Throughout our lives, we are influenced by a lot of people. During the early year, family and parents play an important role in influencing and developing our own set of attitude and behavior. Our personal relationship with our parents would determine how we respond to or how we are influenced by other people. As we grow up, we become exposed to famous people, more often celebrities, who can then influence the way we look, the way we dress, and the way we interact with other people in the community. The way we are influenced by our parents is entirely different by how we are influenced by celebrities.

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Influences: Celebrities Essay

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