Ideal Classroom Essay

When a teacher ask students what their ideal classroom is most people would usually reply with “no teachers to teach us and we can use our phones whenever we want, we can just chill and sleep. ” However, the students never think about the consequences to that. Which are that we will not be prepared for any major tests and will fail tremendously. My ideal classroom consists of a handful of students, the students getting along with each other without having any problems, and a great teacher with a lot of patience.

My ideal classroom has less than the average amount of students.

I would like to have between ten through fifteen students in all my classrooms. That is because the less the students the more time the teacher can help all students individually. This will help us be better students and we’ll participate more; we will also learn more. With smaller classrooms the students will have the chance to communicate with every student in the class.

This will help us not be strangers to one another, and we will be able to get along. If we all get along that makes things a lot simpler and there will not be any fights or altercations between one another.

This will help the teacher because they won’t have to worry about students wanting to get into fights with one another. Since their would be smaller classrooms teachers will be more laid back and they might not assign as much homework. This is also an advantage for the teacher because they won’t have to grade as much work every single night and they’ll be in better moods. This is good for us because the teacher will have more patience and give us extra time for work or will not write us up as much whenever we do something dumb.

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