ICT Cambridge Tech AS – Unit 17 – P1 (Passed) Essay

ICT Cambridge Tech AS – Unit 17 – P1 (Passed) Essay.

?P1 – Summarise accurately the principles of interactive media authoring with some appropriate use of subject terminology. In this report there will be an overview explaining and talking about the tools used for interactive media authoring, the production process, the uses of interactive media authoring, the delivery formats of interactive media authoring products, the elements which will be included for creating the product and the interactivity and control methods which will be used.

Definition of tools used for interactive media authoring: Director Flash is a program and a multimedia application which can be used to create games and interactive products which allows the creator to be the director and the program can support both 2D and 3D projects.

The advantages of using director flash is that it can be easily integrated with other 3D programs such as Maya and True space, it also has free unlimited publishing of content whether that would be on a CD, USB or on the internet.

When it comes to disadvantages of this software the price is a big issue when it retails at ? 292.

74, it also requires some skill to use and is not so simple and straight forward as you have to learn the basics and then work your way up. Dreamweaver is web development application created and sold by Adobe systems, Websites are created by writing code and including flash elements such as video’s and animations.

One reason to use Dreamweaver is because it makes it easy for you to write clean code although writing a webpage in code is also not necessary as you can create a website without it, it is also ideal to use Dreamweaver because of its fluid grid layout in the included CSS designer tool, the grid layout makes it easier to create a more dynamic and visually interesting webpage. A let down for Dreamweaver is that although it is seen as a very good web design program it does come at a very expensive price, Dreamweaver is also considered useless and a waste of time if you are not using code as a lot of good features require it to be used.

Mediator is a multimedia authoring tool that allows you to create interactive CD-ROM presentations, dynamic HTML pages and Flash projects. Mediator is now the leading multimedia authoring software for creating very professional presentations, without the use of any coding or scripting. One advantage of using mediator is that no programming skills are required, most of the program involves a drag and drop style of use. It is also a very good

program as you can export with one click to many different formats such as Flash, CD-ROM and HTML. One down side to using mediator is the price, it does come at very heft price of around ? 375, it also can only be used on Windows and not on Mac OS meaning it is very restricted to one type of user. Expression builder is a tool used to create and build expressions using all inputs and list of available functions and objects, expressions are used in formulas to carry out specific functions which are required in Microsoft access.

An advantage of using expression builder is that it can help to do long and tedious calculations for you and all you have to do is enter a few values and text and the tool will do everything for you. Another advantage is that it comes free and built in with Microsoft Access so there are no extra or hidden costs. A disadvantage is that expression builder which comes with Microsoft Access can not be used on Apple Mac computers and Microsoft does not plan on expanding to their operating system.

The production process: Conceptualisation is the process of coming with ideas and new inventions which can lead to new concepts, it is a key part of the process as it is where all the ideas come together and sets out what needs to be done and when using deadlines. If you did not have conceptualisation/planning you would be struggling to find ideas and you would not have a plan to go by meaning it is more likely to make mistakes during the actual production because you can not refer to it.

Designing is where you get your ideas and start to build on them by designing and laying out what the product will look like with a goal or intent in mind, it is important in the production process because it is how you refine your concepts and ideas to design a finished product, if no design process was included in production then your product will more likely fail and become less successful due to it not being refined and simply just an idea or concept.

Creation is when the process of bringing something into existence using ideas and designs, it involves the actual making of the product. If the production process had no actual creation there would be no final product, so it is an important part of the process where the design of the product is put into making and become the final product for use and testing purposes. Implementation is including new

ideas and designs into projects and existing designs to help further them in all ways, implementation also means to put something into action, people use implementation to try and achieve targets and goals when something is failing for example, a cereal company such as “Kellogg’s” may be doing bad in the market in terms of sales of their cereal boxes so try and help this issue they could implement a toy which would come with the cereal, this would attract more people to buy the cereal, if there was no implementation into any projects or designs then there would be no new ideas to further the original idea.

Testing is when you check for faults, take measures to check quality, look at reliability and look at the performance of something before it is put into use or practice, a series of tests are taken to make sure that something is fit for its purpose and can carry out a specific function e. g. Adobe Photoshop has a function of editing and creating images and can do those tasks with ease.

If you didn’t test media products for faults and other things such as the safety to a computer then when it comes down to using the product in the real-world it could potentially fail because there was no tests to say whether it can be used without any problems eventually or suddenly occurring. Review and evaluating: reviewing is when you look at something, examine, study, and give an opinion through face to face conversations and writing documents such as reports, evaluating is to outline the fixes or highlights, judge carefully and appraise.

Reviewing something is important and if you did not do it to a media product such as a game you would not be able to see what goals need to be set next and you would not be able to look at the weaknesses and strengths. If you did not evaluate something even after reviewing it then you would not be able to highlight what needs to be fixed, how and when, you would also not be able to look for improvements because in reviewing you only look at the weaknesses but you do not know how to improve which is why you should evaluate.

Uses of interactive media authoring: Marketing, promotions and advertising is used in large companies and organisations such as McDonalds, McDonalds promote their products by advertising their food and products all over the world across all types of media such as television, magazines and even bus tickets, the aim of this is to improve their marketing strategies and increase market share. An

advantage of using media authoring to promote, market and advertise is that you can reach a large audience bys using all kinds of different media such as the internet which in most cases is free. A disadvantage however is that it can cost a lot of money to promote something especially through advertising, although it is free to advertise on a lot of websites they will not reach a large audience compared to advertising something on a website like face book or Google which would cost a large amount of money which most people can not afford unless you are a big company.

Media authoring can be used to entertain people in a number of ways such as through games or interactive websites and an example of this would be Nickelodeon who have their own website to entertain their audience though games they have built and videos they have made for solely entertaining purposes. The advantage of using media authoring to entertain is that you can keep them happy and enjoying themselves for a certain amount of time, however a disadvantage is that if the idea goes wrong then the audience could end up bored and tired of your media product.

Education, training and assessing can all be done through media authoring, schools such as Hanson Academy can use media authoring to educate their pupils through videos, PowerPoint presentations and using flash movies, the way they can be educated is by putting the information on digital format instead of using books and paper. In companies and organisations such as HSBC bank they can train their employees by showing them the steps and procedures on how to carry out their job through PowerPoint presentations, instructions of the training can be done in a slide by slide format.

Assessing can be done by organisations and companies such as Apple using media authoring, they can assess their electronic products such as the ‘I phone’ and outline the improvements which need to be made for the later models, they could set this information out also on a PowerPoint presentation or even use programs such as mediator.

The advantage of using media authoring to educate, train and assess people is that it can set out information much clearer rather than books and other written documents, another advantage is also that it can be used to entertain the audience while educating, training and assessing which means making looking at information and learning an entertaining process.

A disadvantage of using media authoring to educate, train and assess people is that it is very time consuming as you have to set up everything and is a lot longer in comparison to using books and written information, another disadvantage is that the software which is used to create the media products for education tend to be expensive so it is not always ideal in all types of environments especially if someone is on a budget.

Using media authoring for games, virtual reality and simulation is used in large businesses and organisations for entertaining purposes and for the simple fact to have fun, media authoring for games can also be used to educate at the same time making it very useful, the advantages of using media authoring tools to design games is that it can be very entertaining if it is done correctly, however a disadvantage is that the costs of the software which needs to be needed is very expensive in most cases.

Using media authoring for journalism and information is used in places such as news websites like Yahoo and BBC News, they use media authoring to collect information and put them into videos and presentations, an advantage of using media authoring for journalism is that it can set out information very clearly and can be entertaining. However it can be very time consuming because it takes a lot of effort and time to make a visually interesting piece for information.

Delivery Formats of interactive media authoring products: One of the delivery formats which is used to deliver media authoring is the internet or the web, the advantage of using the web as delivery format is that it is very easy to access from homes and even on Smartphone’s, another advantage of using the web is that media such as video’s and images can be shared through large and popular social media websites such as face book and twitter.

A disadvantage is that some media ideas can be can easily be copied when people are on the internet and find a good idea which may be yours, they can also easily download things such as images and videos and use them as their own and it is up to you to take action against copyrighted material.

Using CD’s and DVD ROMS as a delivery format is putting the media onto a disc which can be read by computers and if it’s a DVD then it can be placed not only in computer but into DVD players as well, another advantage is that the media can not be copied as you are the one who has the CD and the only way it can be copied if someone takes your CD meaning you can control who has the media product, it is also portable and you can take it anywhere whenever you need it. The disadvantage of using CD’s and DVD’s is

that they can scratch and become useless when the CD drive can not read the disc. Another disadvantage is that because it is portable and small it can be easily lost. Using interactive TV as a delivery format is putting the media on to a television where certain functions can be accessed by remote control. The advantages of using this delivery format is that it is very engaging and is tempting to try out, it can also be accessed from a remote meaning you don’t have to be very close the television set. The disadvantage of using interactive T.

V is that it needs to be looked after and costs a lot to repair and can be time consuming to get the media back up and running. Putting media onto mobile devices and in Applications on places such as the Android Market and the IOS App store is another way of delivering your media. Using media on mobile devices has it’s advantages in being able to get it to a lot of people as the number of Smartphone’s is increasing which means more people will be able to see your media product. However although the number of Smartphone’s is increasing, the media still will not be able to reach those who don’t have access to it.

Another disadvantage is that if you are putting the media in a form of application onto places like the Android market and IOS app store is that you will have to compete with hundreds of thousands other applications out there so your application must be at a very good quality to compete. Elements Included: The impact of having text included into a media product is that it makes it easier to understand as there is something to read and tell you what is going on, text is informative and is used to describe and explain certain things such as what is going in other elements such as pictures and video’s.

Images have an impact of giving a real image and can show and demonstrate things that text and other elements, images are also visually interesting and can cause the audience to be more engaged. They can also be used to get certain messages across such as instructions on how to set up a product like a table or wardrobe where instructions are better set out as images as they are easier to follow.

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ICT Cambridge Tech AS – Unit 17 – P1 (Passed) Essay