How Do We Cultivate Interest in Reading Essay

How often have we heard other people saying that they have no time for reading? This is a mere excuse. In actual words, they are implying that they have lost the urge to educate themselves by keeping abreast with the current trends of thought like science and technology.

This trend can be seen in many young people today and not only do they come up with excuses that they have no time for reading, quite a handful of them have absolutely no interest in reading.

One must know that education does not end upon leaving school or university. Knowledge is infinite and to acquire knowledge is a never-ending process. What can be done to cultivate young people’s interest in reading?

Firstly, parents can play their part in encouraging their children to read by setting an example. As most of the young people today are easily influenced by their environment, they will be influenced by their parents’ interest in reading and will pick up reading, helping nurture their interest in reading as a result.

Parents can also bring their children to browse in the library or bookstore and allow them to browse on their own and select the books which genres are to their preference.

By giving them the opportunity to choose their own books, they will be able to discover their area of interest in the different types of genres and will be keen to read more of the books of the specific genres they are interested in. This will enable them to develop an interest in reading.

Secondly, schools can play their part in cultivating their students’ interest in reading by inviting a famous author to share her experiences of reading and writing to the students. Through sharing her experiences of reading and writing to the students, they will be more motivated to read and find out more about the author’s books.

This will help them discover the joy and fun of reading and thus enabling them to develop an interest in reading. Schools should also organize special activities for the students to promote a reading culture. For example, the students can be asked to read any book of their choice and then a day should be decided where they will discuss about the books they have read recently. This will not only grow reading interest among the young generation but also help them to improve their vocabulary and language.

Lastly, the young people should be responsible in cultivating their interest in reading. If they have no idea on the specific books that they want to read or a specific genre that they are interested in, they should ask their friends or teachers for recommendations or consult a list of books other young people have enjoyed reading and try reading them. They should also make an effort to read during their leisure time and pick up reading as a hobby. This will not only enable them to develop an interest in reading but acquire valuable knowledge from the books they read.

Reading links us from the past to the present. Different facets of our personality are linked together by books. Books serve as both milestones and sign-posts in our journey through life. They are the wardrobes of our thoughts and imagination, the talisman against boredom, pain, tragedies and frustration which assail us.

In reading books, we are able to share the author’s secrets and thoughts, his joy and happiness, his sorrow and distress. We form a bond of friendship more lasting than any other human relationship. Therefore, it is important that young people develop an interest in reading as reading is the greatest of all educators.

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