History of advertising Essay

History of advertising Essay.

Read the complete article about the history of advertising, then complete the following items. 1. In a complete paragraph of approximately 7 to 10 sentences, write an objective summary of the article.

In the 21st Century, advertising plays a big role in marketing. All products you see in stores and shopping centers, all use advertising. Without advertising, the product would not be able to sell. This is because no one would ever know it exists in the first place. For advertising to work, you need to use different techniques to affect people emotions.

To do this you must combine creativity with strategy and come out with different messages for the viewer.

You could get more attention with the advertisement if you make it fun. Another good strategy is to make your advertisement look like it will give the person power. But you must be sure it will because the public can accuse you of false advertisement. 2. Based on what you have read, what can you infer about the relationship between advertising and the price you pay for a product and/or service? Please include a direct quote from the article to support your inference.

Answer the question in 2 to 3 sentences.

The price you pay for a product is determined by its popularity. If it is a popular item, most likely the price will go up, if it’s a non-popular item, prices will be low. Quote: “it has been argued that the consumer must pay for the cost of advertising in the form of higher prices for goods; against this point it is argued that advertising enables goods to be mass marketed, thereby bringing prices down.”

History of advertising Essay

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