Dream Interpretation (Jung vs. Freud) Essay

Dream Interpretation (Jung vs. Freud) Essay.

There is indeed a point where Freud and Jung would agree and disagree as to the interpretation of the particular dream. For Freud dreams is a conscious expression of our fantasies or wishes that is not available when one is awake. It means that for Freud, dreams are meaningful. On the other hand, Jung thinks the reverse of what Freud believed. He considers dreams as expression of the unconscious psychic process. However, obviously they both believed that the images in dreams have a meaning and values of its own for the dreamer.

For Freud, the dreamer images are perhaps representing the dreamer’s early childhood wishes or those that one longs for long times but have never have it. Thus, he sees it as a satisfaction of desires. But for Jung, dreams are simply a natural manifestation of the unconscious, which means that it is just natural for any one to dream suggesting that it is possible also to see the image that one regularly is exposed to.

In the given dream, both Freud and Jung would agree that dream has a meaning of its own.

Freud might agree that most of the images in the dream could be interpreted simply as product of natural manifestation of the unconscious since they are all imaginative except of the image of his mother and the dreamer’s longing for the mother’s warmth. The point of agreement was that the nature of the dream could be interpreted as both a mere product of the unconscious psychic processes of Jung and it can also be interpreted as satisfaction of desires in view of the longing for the mother’s warmness amidst the coldness the dreamer felt.

However, they would certainly disagree in the interpretation of its meaning. Jung will certainly interpret this dream simply as natural manifestation of the unconscious in view of the images which are mere fantasies. The image of the mother could just be part of the natural psychic process and nothing more. But Freud will interpret it as a symbol of longings for relationship, perhaps for family which is not accessible in the real life.

Dream Interpretation (Jung vs. Freud) Essay

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