Digital Classroom Essay

I was really wondering what can I learn English when I came here. Because before I couldn’t go to course about English . I haven’t got an idea. After that we’ve seen two different classroom. Conventional and digital classroom. World is changing everyday. Person finds new technologies idea for everything. And I’m absolutely agree this statement what people learning English are able to make greater progress when using a variety of learning technologies within the classroom.

I really like digital classroom.

There are lots of advantages. In my opinion IWB is incredible . It looks like game and everybody like to play game. All word use to internet and computer because of this people can be to more interested with lesson. Some times we can want to speak with our friends and we can use to Synchron Eyes. I’m feeling comfortable to digital classroom. Pegasus is helpful for me. I can do some mistakes when I write by handed and after that maybe I can’t see my mistakes.

But if I use to Pegasus I can see all my mistakes end of the exam or homework and maybe I can forget my homework but if I look for in the Pegasus I can see my homework.

I used to conventional classroom for 23 years. Sometimes computers can’t work . there can be some digital problems. What can I do this time. I can use my book. We’re really old friends with my book. If I am in classroom I want to see my book and I want to use my pencil. This is really important for me. I want to write some notes on the book. As a result two different classroom has a good speciality. I feel confused but actually digital class is better than conventional class.

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