Compare and contrast Egypt and Mesopotamia Essay

Compare and contrast Egypt and Mesopotamia Essay.

Egypt and Mesopotamia were the first river valley civilizations in 3500 B.C.E. They were both similar intellectually, because they both developed written language, and a similar alphabet. They were also similar religiously, because they both were polytheistic and believed their gods ruled them. Mesopotamia and Egypt were different with their achievements, because over time they gained knowledge of things that helped their civilizations, and helped them adapt to their environment.

Mesopotamia and Egypt were both intellectually similar, because they both had a written language forming.

The Egyptians had hieroglyphics, and Mesopotamia used clay tablets to draw similar pictograms. They made board games, and other fun activities. They both had greater literacy forming now that they had a written language. They have stories like The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Hymn to the Nile which were religious literature.

Both Egypt and Mesopotamia were centered on religion. In both civilizations religious leaders were given a very high status. They were both polytheistic, meaning they believed their world was ruled by more than one god.

They believed that the gods created them, and they were also responsible for good harvests. Now that Mesopotamia and Egypt were more technologically advanced, they both built religious structures. Mesopotamia built ziggurats, and the Egyptians built pyramids. The priests went to the Ziggurats and Pyramids to pray, and to make offerings to the gods.

Mesopotamia and Egypt both had major achievements. Mesopotamia was more agriculturally advanced and built irrigation systems. They invented plowing and wheels, to help them with farming. Inventions became more advanced, and more efficient for their lifestyle. They built strong mud houses, and religious buildings. By now, both Mesopotamia and Egypt formed a language and an alphabet, but Egypt started gaining knowledge in math, and science. Egypt’s application of knowledge helped them invent numbers, calendars, medicines, and they even began performing surgeries.

Mesopotamia and Egypt are similar, and different in many ways. They are similar in religion, because they are both polytheistic and rely on the gods to rule them. Mesopotamia is different than Egypt with their achievements, because they invented things that would help their civilizations, and families in their environment. And lastly, they are also similar intellectually, because they both had a written language, and formed a similar alphabet with picture like symbols.


Compare and contrast Egypt and Mesopotamia Essay