2.5 Food Safety Work File Essay

2.5 Food Safety Work File Essay.

Directions: Complete the food safety interactive quiz. Use the information from the interactive quiz to complete the following responses regarding food safety practices. For each of the following food safety practices, share at least 2 statements from the interactive quiz. Be sure to put these statements in your own words and explain why they are helpful in preventing food borne illness. An example would be: When dining from a buffet, make sure hot food is hot and cold food is cold. Food that is 40 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit has already begun to grow bacteria and pathogens.

Clean (16 points): 1.

After handling raw meat, poultry, fish, or eggs wash your hands because you can get a foodborne illness. 2. Rinse fruits and vegetables with running tap water before eating, cutting, and cooking to reduce amount of bacteria present. Separate (16 points): 1. Keep many foods separate to avoid cross-contamination. It is the transfer of harmful bacteria from foods to other foods. Especially, when handling raw meat, eggs, or poultry.

2. Be sure to wash your counter and utensils with hot, soapy water to kill bacteria. Cook (16 points): 1. I f you leave cooked food out for 8 hours, throw away the food.

Bacteria can grow rapidly and cause illness when it has the nutrients it needs. 2. You can a hamburger is cooked when you use a food temperature and the internal part of the hamburger is 160 F. Chill (16 points): 1. Freezing food should be kept and 0 F and below because it inactivates microbes- bacteria, yeasts, and mold. 2. By refrigerating foods at cold temperatures, you keep bacteria from multiplying. In your own kitchen, explain 2 food safety practices you feel your family can improve and 2 food safety practices you feel your family does well. (16 points) 2 food safety practices are:

Run fruits and vegetables under tap water before cooking, eating, and cutting. Refrigerate food when not being used because bacteria forms rapidly. 2 safety practices: Wash utensils with warm, soapy water. Clean your counter with warm, soapy water to kill bacteria. In what ways do your school and community practice or promote food safety to contribute to your personal health? (20 points) They contribute to this by reducing pollution and cleaning up the community. By doing these little things, it can help my lungs be full of oxygen and not pollutants and cleaning up the community can save my life my protecting fish that I eat.

2.5 Food Safety Work File Essay