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Waiting for Death in `A Rose for Emily` and `Old Ladies Home’ Essay

William Faulkner wrote, “A Rose for Emily” at a time when society was undergoing change. The South had lost the Civil War and the southern people were finding it hard to let go of the past. Emily is the symbolic representation of this resistance to change. She becomes numb emotionally simply carrying out the routine of life without any characteristic resistance while the people around her become onlookers. Similarly, Sylvia Plath’s poem “Old Ladies Home” relates the dehumanization of the inhabitants.

The people in the Home have ceased to exist for the outside world.

The women in the Home are existing like insects quiet and without character as the people around them move about, detached and cold. Analysis of the Theme and Symbolism In Faulkner’s short story,….

Reflections on my Personal and Professional Growth Essay

My time studying with the University of Phoenix online has affected my life in many ways. I have had the chance to learn a lot by utilizing the Internet to help me further my education. I feel that my degree will open many new doors for me, but first I will go back and discuss my impressions from when I first started taking nursing classes online. Learning has always been very important to me. I understand that we do not get very far in this world if we are not willing to take instruction and use it to the best of our abilities.

Being a student was an exciting opportunity, especially in the major field that I had chosen, nursing. Nursing is an ever-changing field, and it….

Patient Safety in Rural Nursing Because of Nursing Shortage Essay

The United States is in the midst of a nursing shortage that is being increasingly discussed in the context of declining healthcare facilities in the nation. Over 1 in 7 hospitals (15%) report a severe RN nursing shortage with more than 20% of their nursing positions vacant and 80%-85% of hospitals report that they have a nurse shortage This shortage is predicted to intensify over the next decade or two as nurses belonging to the generation of baby boomers retire.

The Nursing Management Aging Workforce Survey released in July 2006 by the Bernard Hodes Group reveals that 55% of surveyed nurses and nurse managers reported their intention to retire between 2011 and 2020 (AACN, 2006).

In April 2006, officials with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)….

Patriot Act Essay

In her article, Cathy Zeljak maintains that the Patriot Act has infringed on Americans’ civil liberties, particularly the Fourth Amendment’s protections against illegal searches and surveillance. Using the recent history of legal decisions on law enforcement agencies’ information-gathering practices, the author argues that the Patriot Act strips citizens of the legal protections they received in the late 1970s.

Throughout the piece, she asks, “Are we sacrificing essential liberties in the fight against terrorism? (Zeljak, 2004, p. 69), and her answer (the overriding thesis of this article) is “yes.

” Zeljak argues that the Patriot Act undermines both the Fourth Amendment and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Act, which was passed in 1978 to impose guidelines on government surveillance of private citizens. Before then, government surveillance of citizens….

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist: A Few Reflections Essay

All of us, no matter what our station in life, have dreams. These dreams may be vibrant and alive, pulsating in our entire being; or they may be dead, perhaps worn down by the weight of the years and the affairs of daily life. For the people who nourish great, expansive dreams in their heart, each day is full of meaning and direction. But for those who have let their dreams fade, life, no matter how pleasurable it may be, is empty of real fulfillment.

Only those who chase their dreams, no matter what the difficulty, will be able make something of themselves, living a life of their own choice.

In Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, we have the story of Santiago, a young shepherd who dreams of….

Alan Freed and the Payola Scandal Essay

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, during a time of shifting cultural identity, many Americans who held conservative views found themselves caught in a socio-cultural predicament. The social dynamic of urban communities had begun to change as more African-Americans moved from the Southern United States into the Northern and Western regions of the country. This diaspora meant better jobs and homes for African-Americans and ultimately translated into more spending power among this portion of the population.

While many sectors were positively impacted by this increase in African American spending power, participants of exclusionary practices were destined to suffer.

An example of this suffering was evident in the music industry where the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) had monopolized the music licensing industry until….

Investigative Interviewing Essay

This refers to planning, preparation, engaging and explaining account closure and evaluation. Planning and preparation forms a critical part of an interview. This is due to the fact that interviews main objective is to determine the facts of what had already happened. Planning in the interviews context means getting ready for interview and in other hand preparation means getting all what is essential for an interview. This normally assists in smooth running of interview. All the same all interviews cannot be executed smoothly since it is impossible to prepare for all contingencies.

In planning you should establish the objective of the interview that is what you want to ascertain. Secondly, you should also know the purpose of the interview i. e. the reason you are conducting the….

Pedagogy versus Andragogy Essay

When modern people use the words pedagogy and andragogy, I sense there is a meaning implied that is understood by our wider culture. In the case of pedagogy, the general definition implied the connection of the teaching by the teacher, to the learning of the student especially to the child. There is little doubt that the most dominant form of instruction in America and Europe is pedagogy, or what some people refer to as traditional, teacher-directed approaches, or didactic. Pedagogy literally means leading children.

Pedagogy can also be thought of as “teacher-centered or directive” learning. The competing idea in terms of instructing adult learners, and one that gathered momentum within the past three decades, has been dubbed andragogy. Andragogy is a term coined to refer to the….

A Review of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed Essay

Few educational thinkers have been more widely influential than Paulo Freire. His classic text, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, has been studied by numerous Left intellectuals, political activists, radical educationists and liberation theologians for almost four decades. Freire’s ideas and theories have been applied by academics, school teachers, adult literacy coordinators, church leaders, counselors, psychologists, social workers, health professionals, language learning specialists, and prison rehabilitation workers, among others.

In addition, Freire has inspired (directly or indirectly) thousands of books, articles, interviews, theses, videos, and even theater productions over the years.

When he died on 2 May 1997 Freire left an extensive body of written work and a legacy of memorable educational and political achievements. In this light, this paper reviews and critiques Pedagogy of the Oppressed and how….

Total Rewards System in the Construction Industry Essay


            In every business organization, compensation or reward is an important issue and is identified to be a motivating factor, for employees to perform well and contribute effectively to the organization’s growth and for the attainment to whatever goal the organization has. One of the organizations that needed to have a good reward system is the construction industry.

This is because the construction industry is composed of various workers: engineers, architects, electricians, technicians, foremen and laborers who are usually required to work even on holidays and weekends because construction projects have a definite time-frame and should be finished as demanded by the client and the weather.

Aside from that, construction workers are exposed to accidents, injuries and hazards, thus reward….