To Improve Memory Essay

To Improve Memory Essay.

In psychology, memory is an organism’s capability to store, preserve, and then recover the same information. Generally, the classifications of memory used the sensory, short-term and long-term memories. The first two classes are only available for a short period of time compared to long-term memory which could last for a life-time.

            The storage process for the brain undergoes an incident in which connections between neuron groups are strengthened. Its patterns are recorded by the brain in an occurrence called the “engram”.

These engrams will be stored and will remain inactive until they retrieved (Schacter, 1996). The major factor that would affect memory storage would be time; the past is always replaced by recent events and engrams not recalled are simply slipping away from the mind. Improving memory by converting information into long-term-memory can be accomplished by linking it into something that is in the memory.

            One of the most popular techniques in improving memory is by the use of mnemonics. This is usually done by making associations between something that is easily remembered and one that is not.

Another method would be to gather all the initial letters from the list to be memorized, and then make a single word out of it. Sometimes the word formed can be directly or indirectly related to the information aimed but it could also be unrelated at some instances, depending on the situation.

            Researchers state that increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain is a good way of developing a better memory. The best way to achieve this is by undergoing proper and regular exercise. Stress should also be lessened, as well as depression. Sufficient sleeping time should also be done.  A better memory can also be achieved if the individual undergoes constant intellectual activities like reading. Keeping the brain healthy will certainly help in reducing memory loss and enhances ones memory retrieval.


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To Improve Memory Essay