Pizza Pricing Essay

Pizza Pricing Essay.

Pizza brand, famous or not, has been making price strategy to secure to have sales and profits to be successful. Pizza Hut uses the High/Low pricing strategy which makes them achieve success in the pizza industry. In high/low pricing strategy, a company can be allowed to have high prices and later have promotions to be able to have low price in a short-term(Badbreaks). Pizza uses this due to its good quality. Alongside with pizza hut, other pizza brands were priced according to high/low strategy these were La Grand Orange Grocery and Uncle Sal’s.

But most likely these two brands sometimes do not offer promotions or discounts for its customer. For Dominoes, they were considering the low price strategy where they charge invariable prices. They even may have promotions to set temporary discounts. Dominoes set prices which not merely low as compared to its other competitors but provides good quality pizzas. Papa John’s also set price with regards to low price strategy, they also provide exceptionally good worth pizza with good quality (Scott).

Together with price, product, promotion and place should be considered alongside with it. Usually these tools were considered as the marketing mixes that were employed to attain satisfaction of customers. Product is said to be the goods or services one company offers to the consumer. With regards to pricing, price should consider if the product is to be eagerly acceptable in the community. If it assumed to have good impact to society, the price could be of high cost. But it is advisable to have low cost even though not much good product.

Promotion refers to how the company put into public their goods product, also means how they commercialize the product. Prices can vary in accordance with the cost of promotion or advertisement of the product. Place is said to be the where products are distributed to reach their customers. In busy commercial place, prices should be low because your product may have a good competition with other products. But in not crowded place, we may set a high price because your product may be a necessity and people will high chance of buying it (Lake).

If I have to come up with my own price strategy, I will design a strategy that sets my prices at not so high cost and requires memberships from customers in order that they can avail of discounts from my products. Consumers will be required membership fees so that I can have much income even though discounts were given to members. Non members are to pay the prices set with no discounts. This strategy will fit any company because they were considered to have same value of pizzas.

Pizza Pricing Essay