Microsoft PowerPoint Essay

Microsoft PowerPoint Essay.

The development of add-ins into existing and established computer applications such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint is increasing use and function extending not only the longevity of programs but also software development and networking. The PowerPoint versions beginning with the 2003 edition have allowed for greater among Microsoft’s in-house as well as independent developers to create add-ins for various users that in effect has created UI’s unique for individual users (Wenzel, 2007).

Majority of the add-ins that has been developed have focused on enhancing the visual appeal of PowerPoint such as animation, interactivity and media.

The effort is seen to be motivated by the objective of making PowerPoint not just a basic or generalist presentation (Microsoft Office, 2007). Bridging between Microsoft programs is also evident since the add-ins do not only affect PowerPoint but also other Office programs as well as other non-Office programs such as Producer 2003 or independent programs produced by Macromedia, Java and even open source technology (Harrison, 2001; “Microsoft PowerPoint Add-Ins”, 2002).

Thought there have also been efforts in developing add-ins to extend from the Microsoft platform, there are still significant security issues particularly regarding macros, language and technology copyrights. Overall, current developments in PowerPoint add-ins remain focused on UI development and visual development and functionality.

Accesses to the program’s functions have not differed significantly except for the increased control over performance to afford shifting between desktop and mobile use (Wenzel, 2007). The strategy for the PowerPoint franchise is its ease of use and the remaining dominance of Microsoft operating systems as a platform. However, the add-ins are indication that other operating systems are being recognized and the need to be user-focused in development.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Essay

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