Love at first sight Essay

Love at first sight Essay.

You may know that after reading a love story, you sometimes find yourself thinking of the story’s events happening in reality. As one of the most favorable myths, love at first sight is what intrigues us and moves us to the new heights. Yet, as much as many would like to dream of love at first sight, it is a myth and is just an added twist to a love story.

A dictionary defines love as a “warm affection” where affection is defined as love, in which case and first of all, love is not very definable in professional terms.

Although, each person may define love differently, it is presumed by most as a strong feeling for and desire to be with someone for our whole life. It is care for that special person and wish for him or her to be happy, but also hope for a mutual love. Thus if to think of it, love is a feeling built on knowledge of that special person, yet love at first sight is a feeling of mere lust because otherwise, how would it be possible to care for that someone and to want him or her to be happy if there’s nothing to base our feelings on except the general appearance.

If to actually imagine love at first sight as something possible in real life, the relationship will still have many complications, if there is going to be any relationship at all. Suppose that there are two people in this possible relationship: Natalie and Ben. Ben sees Natalie at the party or club or any other social place and instantly falls in love with her, whereas Natalie may not even like Ben. That’s one reason why this as any other relationship will have not worked. There isn’t anything special about being in love, except the fact that Ben will have to cry more because of such a terrible love match; otherwise, love isn’t going to bring those two people together.

However, Suppose Ben will have Natalie’s affection and suppose they actually get to talk to each other. Even in this case, it may not work out: Ben will meet Natalie and will start talking to her and during their conversation she or he may find that they have very little in common or the something of the like. In reminder, love at first sight cannot be real deep love because we may not really know that person. The only thing that we can judge him or her on is the appearance and the attire (and also a smile on his or her face). So what can actually work this kind of relationship? Unless Ben will find many great things about Natalie and will like her for who she is, their love will not give them peace and quiet.

To bring the contrary side to such and unlikely relationship to your attention, let’s talk again about Ben and Natalie. Their relationship can work in one way and that is if they are a compatible match, but they first need to know if they are well-matched to each other by spending time together. After some relative period, they may find that they adore each other not just for the looks but also for personality. If Ben and Natalie actually enjoy each other’ company and do not bore each other, it is possible for the relationship to work for some time period or may even lead them to the altar. It is possible for such chain of events to occur but it is unlikely that it will produce a long lasting relationship, because at some point in time one of them may understand that they may have lost their connection, and two, they may have gotten tired of each other.

The only benefit to “love at first sight” relationship is nothing that excludes any other love relationship, for that matter. It may simply be a reason it gives to the person of why he wakes up each day in the morning. It is usually all it is of love: it doesn’t give any privilege, not it takes any away.

Love at first sight Essay

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