Exploration of Moon Essay

Exploration of Moon Essay.

The benefits evident in exploring space. Details the advantage of the moon trip as a “stepping stone” to mars and beyond. Information on the technological advances. Sponsored Links

In the days before Apollo 11, the moon was a goal, a target to be accomplished to win the space race. This is how the moon has always been treated, as a finish line, not a starting point. After the Apollo missions, no one has returned, we have turned our eyes instead to Mars and other planets.

The moon offers humans a great resource: space exploration without traveling outrageous distances. Two separate Mars crafts have been destroyed. This failure perhaps could have been prevented by using the moon as our stepping stone to other planets and beyond. The moon has not been fully studied, nor has it been utilized to the utmost of our powers. If NASA and other space agencies would use the moon to plan and prepare for future missions, it would greatly increase their chances of success.

The moon has always been something of a mystery. In ancient times, it was worshipped as a god. A couple hundred years ago man thought it was made of cheese. When John F. Kennedy issued the challenge to go to the moon, it became a goal. In present day it is thought of as conquered. The moon’s puzzle is only half solved and already we bypass it to the next problem. The moon could be used experiment relatively cheaply with craft whose final destination was Mars. This would drastically cut-down on cost of experimental costs and price of failures.

The moon could also be used to practice mining operations in low gravity, and foreign worlds. If we discover resources on another planet, training will then begin for astronauts, maybe to late. If we use the moon as a training/experimenting zone then we may be prepared for the future. The moon is an obtainable target for humans, we know we can send manned craft there. The moon is the optimal training ground for any such training operations.

The moon may be the key that unlocks the mystery of settlements on other planets. Suppose the world becomes overcrowded, experiences an ice age, or nuclear war. Where will humans go? Mars has been pointed to as the answer. This accounts for part of the fascination with mars; however, two craft have failed to get to mars. If we are to set up a colony on another planet, why not practice on the moon. The moon is accessible, easier to get to, and not to mention days, not months, away. A colony on the moon could easily be abandoned, and the colonists head for home with minimal supplies or preparations. Whereas with Mars, food would need to be rationed, packed for the multiple month journey home. The moon can act as a testing ground for extra-terrestrial colonies.

The moon is optimal for many types of experimentation. It has been bypassed hastily as a summit already reached, a mountain already climbed. Instead of being observed as a perfect research and development center, it has been discarded. The moon may prepare us for the future, teach us about our past, or tell us how to survive the present. It has been to readily forgotten, let us return to the “New World,” as those who followed Columbus did, hundreds of years ago.

Exploration of Moon Essay

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