Child Welfare Essay

Child Welfare Essay.

Children are considered the future of the world. In their hands lie the progress of a nation. They may seem vulnerable but behind those little bodies, there exist a multitude of hidden potential, waiting to be discovered and enhanced. Their competencies becomes apparent once they undergo the development stages of their lives. With the assurance of their family and the society that they will be provided with their needs, children will inevitably become productive members of the society.

            More so, in a study conducted by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), they discovered that children play a key role in strengthening local communities and making people feel safe in their neighborhoods.

According to the evidence they found, children are active – both indirectly and directly – in forging neighborly relationships and connections for their parents.

They found that the more parents were involved in the lives of their neighbors, the more freedom they gave their children. At the same time, the more social networks children have in a neighborhood, the greater parents’ confidence in the safety of that area (Weller “Children Play a Key Role in Forging Close Communities”).

This study emphasizes children’s role in the community amid portrayal that they are feeble and incompetent.

            It is because of children’s contribution society that various organizations and government agencies introduced child welfare services in order to ensure that the needs of children are met. The term child welfare means a child’s sound well-being. Child welfare covers an array of social services provided to children to guarantee their safety, security and development (Bezeu “Educational Administration for Canadian Teachers”).

Furthermore, it is   connected to ensuring that a child is safe from child abuse or neglect. This requires that a child’s basic needs are met and the child has the opportunity to grow and develop in an environment that provides consistent nurture, support and stimulation. An outcome of this is the development of  children’s sense of identity, an understanding of their ethnic heritage and skills for coping with racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination that remain prevalent in the society (Pecora 12).

            Presently, millions of children and young people lack the prerequisites for success, like adequate housing, health care, and nutrition. Thousands are exiled to the outskirts of opportunity. In 2002, reports of abuse and neglect involved more than 2.8 million children, and three children died every day from maltreatment (“Child Welfare League of America: Fact Sheet”). It is because of these averting data that pushed me to pursue a career in the field of child welfare. I concur with the idea  that the children are our future and with that they must not be deprive of their needs and a healthy environment.

They need guidance, compassion and understanding from the people that surround them in order for these children to grow. I also believe that the children’s innocence and weakness should not be exploited by others particularly by adults since they are mostly the ones who possess the capability to this. Instances of neglect and violence are prevalent in a society and as a result, children frequently become victims or become primary targets of these crimes. Many people think that they can  do anything on children since they are perceived to be defenseless and indispensable. It is sad to think that even children’s own mothers abandon them in order to chase after their own dreams or even the notion that a father can inflict harm to his own children.

            Because of these frustrating circumstances, I decided to take on the responsibility of protecting children. I want to make a difference in the world and by helping children is a step closer in achieving this goal.  I am driven in instilling to children’s mind that they are entitled to the many good things in life such as having an education, being able to play in the park or having wonderful dinners with their family . Also, I want to emphasize to children that they can become whomever they want to be as long as they put their hearts and minds to it. Through these means, children will feel a sense of significance and belongingness. More so, I can be able to empower the children’s concept on their role in the society which is all-important for the whole of  mankind.

            In achieving these objectives, I believe that I have the necessary qualities needed to become a great child welfare worker. I am very much determined in protecting children, preserving existing familial units, and the promoting children’s development into adults who can live independently and contribute to their community (Pecora 9). My advocacy and my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills is my  powerful combination to be able to function well as a child welfare worker. More so, I am an open-minded and a compassionate person which I believe is important in dealing with children – in understanding their plight and most especially earning their trust which is the first step in helping them.

            If I will be given the chance to work as a child welfare worker, I would like to be more exposed on the global situation on programs and policy for children welfare services so that I can be able to have an overview of the status of children all over the world and have an information on what organizations and the government is doing in ensuring that their basic needs are met and their rights  protected.

The information that will be derive from this can help me determine the factors affecting children’s well being in a particular social setting. With this at hand, I can be able to learn of ways on how to combat the problems facing children today. Also, exposure to various scenarios can help me see the problems and effectiveness of other social service programs in which can help me determine what can be applied and disregarded in terms of the current social services offered and utilized by my country.

            In addition, I want to know more about the various agencies and organizations that deal with children’s welfare. Learning about their programs can lead to a realization of a corroborative effort and a coordinated response that will effectively address the children’s needs.

            Five years from now, I see myself having a stable career in a field that I am truly passionate about. I can also see myself being financially stable so that I can sufficiently support myself and my family. I would also like to pursue a masters degree that is related to children’s welfare so that I can be able to know more on how to understand children and help solve the problems affecting them. These are my short-term goals.

            For my long-term goals, I want to see myself climb up the ladder in terms of my professional career. Perhaps, envision myself as the head of my local government child welfare service agency or even the State department where I see myself as a responsible and effective leader.

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Child Welfare Essay

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