A Realistic View Of Life Essay

A Realistic View Of Life Essay.

People say it is important to have a realistic view of life. For 99% of people this is true. For most people, to not have a realistic view of life is to risk failure to achieve one¡¦s goals and dreams. Such people usually become lonely and bitter. Every so often, however, one person refuse to accept what others call a ¡§realistic view¡¨ of life and insist on changing the world around then to fit the vision they have in their head.

Such people has the power to change the world for the better or worse, for good or evil. Bin Laden is such a man. Unfortunately, he has chosen an evil path using violence and pain to try to force his view on others, not to convince then by superior thoughts.

If people do not achieve their goals and dreams, they would probably become dissatisfied with their lives. For example, if a boy dreams his whole life of becoming a doctor, but never gets into medical school, he would probably end up feeling disappointed.

The same thing is true for any goals a person has in their life. For this reason, it is important that people choose goals that are realistic and that can be achieved. Therefore, someone should not plan on becoming the richest in the world and marry the most beautiful person in the world because the chances are it will not happen.

Some people, however, refuse to accept the idea that they cannot achieve any dreams they have. A person like this may decide to become a doctor even when his teachers say he will not be able to pass the test. A person like this will study so hard and work so hard that he is willing to take the test as many tests as he has to in order to pass. People who are like this are sometimes the people who change the world around them. Instead of letting the world tell them what they can and cannot do, this people pursue their dreams and try to make the world fit their dreams.

People who refuse to accept a limit to their dreams can have the power to change the world. Many famous inventors in history did not listen to people around them who said ¡§Give up, it won¡¦t work¡¨. The famous Wright Brothers were the first to invent airplanes. Many people told them ¡§it won¡¦t work¡¨. The Wright Brothers, however, refuses to listen to these people and follow their dreams. As a result, they helped change the world and now many people fly around the world because of them.

Not all people who refuse to listen to others and follow their dreams are good. Of course the Wright Brothers and famous scientists like Einstein can be seen as good because they made inventions in order to help the world. Someone like Bin Laden, however, is persuing his great dreams in order to hurt the world. Bin Laden has probably been told by many people that he will not be able to beat the United States and change the world. He has refused to listen to these people and has gone on to fight a war.

In contrast, both Bin Laden and Einstein have unrealistic view of life and both have dreams that they want to pursue. The only difference is Bin Laden pursues his dreams with power for evil purpose. In conclusion, for most people it is important to have a realistic view of life since they risk unhappiness if they do not have one. There are a few people for whom a realistic view of life is not needed since they will change the world through their actions. Hopefully, such people will change the world for the better and not the worse.

A Realistic View Of Life Essay

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